Growing Healthy Business

Partnering with those who have verified commitment to sustainability has benefits for your business.

Today, sustainability is a driving force for many businesses. We understand that it is increasingly a factor in choosing the suppliers or companies with whom you do business.

Working with Origin Green members you can be assured that the farmers and food producers you deal with have a proven – and independently verified – commitment to sustainability. Our members are living the Origin Green promise and providing the Origin Green proof, which in turn enables your business to meet its sustainability goals.

Measuring Sustainability

Origin Green is a world leading national sustainability programme for the entire Irish food and drink industry. At its core is the Origin Green charter that gives us the ability to measure in a meaningful way the green credentials of all our food and drink producers.

We are not new to this. Since 2011, we have been carbon footprinting our beef farms with a system of measurement, feedback and continuous improvement, which has made us a world leader.

Today the scope of our programme extends across all sectors from farms and fisheries to food and drink manufacturers. It has grown to include areas as diverse as energy usage, emissions, waste, water use, animal welfare, biodiversity and social sustainability.

The Origin Green Proof

The Origin Green Charter directs companies to set meaningful and measurable sustainability goals that are then independently verified.

Once a producer has signed up to our Origin Green Charter, we agree clear objectives across three key areas: Raw Material Sourcing, Manufacturing Processes and Social Sustainability. Together we create a comprehensive and challenging five-year plan committing to sustainability improvements that are relevant to the individual business. These plans are independently verified by SGS, a third party agency, and monitored on an annual basis.




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