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Origin Green Verified Members have a proven and measured commitment to sustainability.

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To date a total of 588 companies have signed up for the Origin Green Programme.

Abalone Chonamara Teo







ABP Food Group

“Sustainability for us extends across the supply chain, beyond the environment, carbon footprint, water consumption, packaging and waste reductions to also include on farm sustainability which is essential to the future of the industry, and animal welfare. The Origin Green approach is the right strategy at this time. It resonates with customers internationally and puts Ireland at the vanguard of doing business sustainably. And at the end of the day, sustainable business is good business.”

Paul Finnerty, CEO of ABP Food Group



Achill Oysters

“Growing up on Achill Island you get to understand how the environment and you interact. The impact of a storm or a discarded food wrapper were obvious. It wasn’t until I was studying for my under grad that I found the idea of sustainability to what you do naturally living on the edge of the Atlantic.

When Bord Bia and Bord Iascigh Mhara mentioned Origin Green we jumped at the idea of putting structure to what we were already doing. We work hard to minimise our impact upon the environment. We support our community and our employees in a manner that we foresee providing lasting benefit.

I believe it is essential to mix traditional low impact methods of working with nature with cutting edge technology to offer a bright future to those coming behind us.”

Hugh O’Malley, Founder, Achill Oysters



Adare Farm



Áine Handmade Chocolate

Aine’s Handmade Chocolate is passionate about delivering only the best quality produce to our extensive and valued customer base worldwide, in the provision of health promotion and well-being products in the indulgence market, continually meeting the needs of our customers and innovating in the area of product development. Our aim is to practice our business in an environmentally sustainable manner in order to reduce costs, increase turnover through increased resource efficiency, reduce our impact on the environment and improve our businesses green credentials. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community and our environment. In order to ensure ongoing success, we at Aine’s Handmade Chocolates are developing our sustainability credentials, encompassing the balancing of Economic, Environmental and Social issues.


Arrabawn Co-op



Atlantic Dawn

Membership Status: Up to Date


“Aurivo is committed to the highest standards of business and ethical behaviour, with sustainability embedded in our culture, and the co-op’s mission, which aims to enhance the lives of our members, customers, colleagues and the communities in which we operate in a sustainable way. By being an active Origin Green member, our dairy business is dedicated to the sustainability charter; to reduce environmental impact, serve our communities responsibly and protect the rich natural resources that our region enjoys. Through measured improvements in raw material sourcing, our manufacturing processes and social sustainability, we are laying the foundations for future sustainable growth.”

Aaron Forde, CEO, Aurivo

Membership StatusUp to date

Ballymaloe Foods

“I was lucky to grow up in Ballymaloe where my father farmed the land, he always respected nature in his farming pursuits and when Ballymaloe opened as a restaurant this respect for nature and the environment continued. I would like to think that Ballymaloe always looked out for the well-being of its employees and supported the local community.
I have brought the same values with me in the production of Ballymaloe Relish, where we produce in the most sustainable methods possible, supporting our local and national community. I believe a clean green Ireland is vital for the economic success of Ireland’s food and tourism industry.”

Yasmin Hyde, Managing Director/Owner, Ballymaloe Foods.



Bandon Vale Cheese

Membership Status: Up to Date

Beara Seafoods




“Coffee farmers in producing countries are already bearing the brunt of climate change and impacts Bewley’s business directly. Our approach to sustainability is integrated throughout our entire organisation and outwards into the communities who we support and rely on for our business to be successful.  This is underpinned by our commitment to ethical trading, environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. We are very pleased to be an Origin Green company which provides a valuable Irish and international endorsement of our long standing commitment.”

Jim Corbett, Marketing Director, Bewley’s.



“At Boortmalt we continually strive to find ways to develop sustainable processes, products and activities that preserve natural resources and contribute to social improvement. We are fully committed to minimising the impact of our business upon both the environment and the community.
Boortmalt is fully dedicated to sustainable sourcing and establishing sustainable supply chains and we invest accordingly.
As Ireland’s largest malt producer, we are proud to be a fully verified member of Origin Green. We recognise that our ongoing strategy of sourcing local Irish malting barley and producing the highest quality of malt for our brewing & distilling customers is the correct one, not only for today but also for the future.”

Yvan Schaepman, CEO, Boortmalt



Britvic Ireland

“Britvic Ireland aims to be trusted and respected in our community, and believes that the Origin Green Programme is an essential framework to communicate to customers the sustainable agenda that we have adopted. It provides a structure to demonstrate our commitment to that agenda; identifies areas where continuous improvements are being made; and indeed, where improvements can be made and has helped Britvic Ireland develop a roadmap toward 2020.”

Kevin Donnelly, Country Director, Britvic Ireland



Butlers Chocolates

“At Butlers, we are passionate about making the highest quality chocolates and serving the finest hot beverages to our valued customers. An integral part of our philosophy is our underlying commitment to all those with whom we engage – our customers, suppliers, staff and the local community.  At all levels of our company, we endeavour to treat everyone with fairness and respect and to consider and protect the environment. The future is important to us and we are all going to play our part in nurturing and safeguarding it.”

Aisling Walsh, Marketing Director, Butlers 


Callan Bacon




“Environmental care, sustainable practices and caring for our people have always been core values at Carbery. Our participation in Origin Green has dove-tailed easily with our pre-existing sustainability agenda and it complements the ethos of the company perfectly. Carbery is dedicated to being a socially responsible, environmentally aware company. The Origin Green initiative, as a framework for development and continued improvement, is closely aligned with the group strategy and vision.”



Celtic Kerber

Our company’s activity is directly linked to the environment and in particular to the sea. Our core
principle is to work in a sustainable manner. Our mission is to respect the environment, limiting our
impact on it and adapting a responsible farming attitude now and in the future.
We endeavour to communicate this philosophy to young generations and share it with our local
Being a verified member of Origin Green is a credit to our company’s reputation and gains us
recognition amongst our customers. With the support of Bord Bia, we are constantly improving our
environmental policy and measuring our sustainability.
This verification reveals excellence in our farming methods to our worldwide customers.
“Be the change you want to see in the world” M. Gandhi.

Rémi LOUIS – Coordination Manager


Clara Fields



Clonarn Clover

Ethics like trust and integrity have been the very foundation of our business. These are the principles on which we maintain and foster all relationships. Accepting responsibility for the wider community and the environment is a key factor in nurturing the mutual sustainability of suppliers and customers alike.

Our CSR policy having a huge emphasis on using natural resources wisely is our route to overall sustainability in terms of producing wholesome, quality food for years, and generations to come. This has been reaffirmed and reinvigorated by our commitment to Origin Green.



Codd Mushrooms



Cooleeney Farm

“At Cooleeney nature works with us to produce great cheese. We are blessed with peaty soil, a perfect climate, and rich green grass. Origin Green is our platform to maintain and increase, how we repay nature. Through animal welfare, community engagement and waste reduction we have aligned our environmental targets with our strategic goals. In this respect, we maintain the quality of our product, while preserving the land and caring for the livestock that assists us in producing this quality.”




Country Crest

“The best Irish produce has sustainability at its heart. Not only does this result in the freshest, purest vegetables but it reflects an ethos that is true to nature. By working together, nature and farming can benefit each other. At Country Crest we embrace this in everything we do to provide a safe, secure and sustainable source of good wholesome food for our customers.
These are commitments we take seriously as they reflect our passion for agriculture, the land, our people and our environment. Our green ethos is what drives our company in the way we farm and produce our food.”

Tony Doyle, Country Crest



Dairygold Food Ingredients

“Sustainability is part of Dairygold’s heritage and by participation in Origin Green, Dairygold is positioned to be a leading sustainable Irish business. This is being achieved by continuing the company’s tradition of producing dairy products in a high quality environment. We work closely with all stakeholders to protect the ecosystem of the countryside to ensure a good quality of community life. Dairygold has progressed with confidence from being “a natural source of quality dairy foods” to become a “natural, sustainable source of quality dairy foods.””

Jim Woulfe, CEO, Dairygold



Danone Nutricia – Early Life Nutrition

“Danone’s food products come straight from nature. To sustainably deliver our mission, “bring health through nutrition to the greatest number of people possible”, we have no choice but to keep a healthy approach to nature. In more and more countries, people are increasingly concerned about nature.

They are starting to change the way they vote and the way they purchase. Origin Green gives us the tools to develop our sustainability program, helps us in the way we do business and start adapting the company to tomorrow’s world.”

Donal Dennehy, Industrial Director Ireland Danone.



Dawn Farm Foods

“We continuously aim to minimise our impact on the environment, safeguard our natural resources and positively contribute to the communities in which we live and work every day. Sustainability is our journey and not our destination. Dawn Farms has always been committed to doing business in ways that are good for our customers, the environment and the community. Origin Green provides a credible sustainability roadmap for the Irish food industry and we are delighted to participate in this sustainability development programme.”

Larry Murrin, CEO, Dawn Farm Foods



Dawn Meats Group

“Sustainable practices are core to the Dawn Meats business culture, our stakeholders take it as a given that we operate in a responsible manner.  Sustainability provides environmental, social and economic benefits, not only for us but also to our supply chain, to the local community and to the global environment in which we operate.  As part of the agriculture chain we are shareholders with our partners in being custodians for the future. Whether our projects are site, customer, supplier or local group orientated, they all have synergy for the community in which they take place.  Origin Green provides a framework to manage our business sustainably with targets for continuous improvement and to have a positive influence and impact on both the environment and society in general.”

Niall Browne, Managing Director, Dawn Meats



Derrycamma Farm

“We believe that farming practices should increase biodiversity, enhance the wildlife habitat and improve the soil structure. It is essential that long term intensive agriculture does not damage the soil or the environment for many obvious reasons including the long term efficient production of food. Unfortunately many modern day farming practices have damaged our environment because they do not take into account the importance of sustainability in the long term.”

Patrick Rooney, Derrycamma Farm Foods Ltd.



Dew Valley



Diageo Ireland



Dunbia Ireland



E Flahavan & Sons

“Oats have been in the Flahavan family over six generations and in the region of Kilmacthomas since the late 1700s. Over the years we have taken the resourcefulness of our ancestors and married such early learnings with the best of new sustainability technologies. This is the central philosophy of our sustainability strategy, plans and measures – to learn from past but also be open to new technologies. Just one example is how we still generate power from the nearby river Mahon and in recent years began to use our by-product to generate the steam necessary to cook the oats in our process and reduce our reliance on oil. Our early participation in the Origin Green Sustainability Development Programme is a welcome framework for the alignment of our sustainability plans.”

John Flahavan, Flahavans



Epicom Ireland



Errigal Seafood

“Seafood is one of nature’s greatest gifts and we respect that. Our cornerstone of responsible fishing ensures a regular supply of quality produce today and for years to come. We are committed to protecting the environment. We believe in wasting nothing and we strive to constantly improve all our operations and facilities to be more environmentally friendly. Origin Green offers us a timely framework for measuring our sustainability impact and contribution.”

Aodh O Donnell, Errigal Seafood



Feldhues GmbH

“We recognise our responsibility to conduct business in a way that protects and improves the environment for future generations. The long-term well-being of the community, the well-being of our employees and the continuing success of our own business depend on our commitment to a sustainable environment. Feldhues GmbH has for many years conducted business and implemented strategic and operational decisions with environmental sustainability as a core corporate principle and we have now integrated Origin Green as an integral part of our business agenda.”




Is mór ag Folláin a n-oidhireacht agus a ndúchas gaelach I gcúrsaí timpeallachta, cultúr, agus nadúr. 

Folláin treasures it’s Irish heritage and nationality, in terms of environment, culture, and nature. We intend to preserve and promote this heritage in the way we conduct our business. Origin Green is the framework for our endeavours.



Glanbia Ingredients Ireland

“Glanbia’s corporate social responsibility includes appropriate business conduct and accountability, fairness and respect for employees and business partners, achieving a strong environmental, health and safety performance and local community involvement. Our goal is to build a sustainable business that contributes to the communities where we operate. Acting as a leading member of Origin Green aligns with and supports our sustainability strategy and plans.”

Jim Bergin, Glanbia



Glenilen Farm

Membership Status: Up to Date


“We have a vision of an Organic Ireland, where the future health and wellbeing of all our children is assured. It is this philosophy that drives our commitment to organic farming, in the hope that generations to come will reap the benefits. At Glenisk, we have been dedicated to sustainable manufacturing since our inception, back in 1987. Now, as Ireland’s largest branded yogurt manufacturer, we welcome this new focus on sustainability in the Irish food industry in the form of Origin Green. Glenisk’s success at home and abroad is living testament to the fact that customers value cleaner, greener, purer food.”

Vincent Cleary, Glenisk

Membership Status: Up to Date

Glenmar Shellfish

“In Ireland we cohabit in a beautiful and resourceful country. An Island with green fields and surrounded by one of the largest coastal lines in Europe , where whole communities subsistence depends on the agriculture and the fishery . It is imperative that the public and private sector are engaged together working on a sustainability program like Origin Green. Against the current treats of the modern civilization, Innovations adapted to local circumstances, and sustainable for the economy , are environmentally necessary to ensure food security in the future. As an industry leader,  Glenmar Shellfish will continue to support this programme by structuring our business with both innovation and sustainability – as key elements of our company strategy.”

Mel Bendon, Managing Director, Glenmar Shellfish Ltd.






Goatsbridge Trout Farm

“Sustainability is at the essence of everything we do here in Goatsbridge. Origin Green gives us a platform to express this and help future proof our business not only for the next generation but for many generations to come.”

Mag Kirwan, Goatsbridge Trout Farm






Green Isle Foods

“We want the name Green Isle to be synonymous with sustainability and since we have been enrolled as a fully verified member in Origin Green it has shown our customers throughout Europe that we have taken sustainability into the core of our business and are willing to have our efforts screened and measured to demonstrate this commitment.”

Liam Hyland, Head of Exports, Green Isle.



Greenfield Foods

“Greenfield Foods Ltd ambition and vision is to be recognised as one of Ireland’s leading sustainable companies. We envisage becoming a leader in sustainable practice for our operation and also in the way we serve our customers. Our aim is to balance business activities that benefit our stakeholders, customers and employees, while improving the quality of life within our community and doing our part to conserve the natural resources at our location. With a focus on continuous improvement, we seek to increase stakeholder value, to engage in programs that have real impact, and to become responsible stewards of our environment. As a verified member with Origin Green, we are prepared to spend time and finance to play our part for Ireland to become a world leader in sustainability.”

John Mohan, Greenfield Foods



Heineken Ireland

“At HEINEKEN, there are four values central to all that we do – a passion for quality, enjoyment of life, respect for people  and respect for our planet. Our vision is for a more sustainable world and our membership of Origin Green is testament to that ambition. This vision shapes our Sustainability programme, as we endeavour to deliver on our promise of ‘Brewing a Better Future’.”

Maggie Timoney, MD HEINEKEN



Improper Food

Membership Status: Up to Date

Irish Country Meats

“Independently validating the Green Credentials and natural food production environment of Ireland is one of the most tangible marketing exercises undertaken by Industry in recent years. Customers relate to the authenticity of our sustainable mission, we are already gaining traction and commercial advantage in the marketplace. We are renowned worldwide for our levels of rainfall, linking this fortunate or unfortunate reputation to fresh green grass and a clean production environment is both true and clever!

The Origin Green story is something all stakeholders in the Irish Food Industry can share with the ultimate potential to construct a more inclusive engagement between primary producers and processors offering a greater sense of ownership to farmers and their families in the success of our food island. Irish Country Meats are fully supportive of the Origin Green mission not because it is commercially and politically correct to participate, rather because it is easy to communicate to our customers and articulates everything that is positive about our environment.” –

Joe Hyland, Managing Director, Irish Country Meats.



Irish Distillers

“We fully recognise our responsibility to society and the environment. This recognition is central to our drive for competitiveness – our ability to compete depends on it. Responsible production and consumption are central drivers of our business. Minimising our environmental impact and maximising our potential contribution to society are central to our strategic planning for business growth. We welcome the Origin Green sustainability development programme and are an early participant in the initiative to lead and contribute to a sustainable food and drink industry in Ireland.”

Anna Malmhake, Irish Distillers Limited


Irish Yogurts

“Engaging in Origin Green has provided a wider network of communication to further benefit the business and our local suppliers in providing environmental awareness. Based in an area famous for its beauty, we endeavour to play our part in ensuring the land is protected. Participation in the Origin Green program provides a platform into securing sustainability in all ongoing and future projects. Through animal welfare, water usage reduction, waste reduction and community engagement, we commit to provide the future generations the sources we have been fortunate to receive in order to produce the finest quality yogurt.”

Diarmuid O’Sullivan, Managing Director, Irish Yogurts

Membership Status: Up to Date

Island Seafoods

“To be a food producer takes dedication and hard work, to produce food with sustainability at the forefront of your mind takes passion and foresight of things to come.  Origin Green is about slowing down what matters the most and speeding up what benefits change and progress.  It’s an answer to a question that’s asked everyday by people who already know what the solution is.  These are the first firm steps taken to implement change and Island Seafoods Ltd. are more than happy to be along for that journey.”

Michael O’Donnell, Island Seafoods



J&L Grubb



James Whelan Butchers

James Whelan Butchers’ commitment to traditional, quality-crafted food shows in our award-winning butcher shops, a family business for over 40 years. We source local food from local farms, dairies and artisan makers to bring our customers the unique taste of Tipperary. We recognise the importance of sustainable food production and believe that the Origin Green Programme is an essential framework to support our sustainability strategy and plans.

Pat Whelan, Managing Director


Java Republic



K & K Produce

“Sustainability and quality are the two most fundamental business principals. We aim to maintain the highest quality standards when it comes to sustainably, sourcing and packing our produce. We are delighted to be part of the Origin Green programme as we see this initiative as being key to growth in the Irish food industry.”

Thomas Kennedy, Director, K&K Produce 



Kepak Group

“Environmental Sustainability should be of concern to everyone, Producers, Processors, Retailers and Consumers alike. We, as a major international food company, have a responsibility in taking the lead and directly reducing Kepak’s environmental impacts. This commitment has, and will continue to require, significant investment but in the longer term I vehemently believe that any company, brand or food producing country that gets this right will differentiate itself and in turn will gain a sustainable strategic advantage.”

Kevin Cahill, Chief Executive Officer of Kepak Meat Division



Kerrigan’s Mushrooms

“Sustainability and quality are two of our most important business principles; since starting the business over 30 years ago, we have never compromised on these values. Our ‘Origin Green’ status reinforces our core beliefs, and has become a guiding force within our business”

John Kerrigan – Managing Director



Kerry Group

“Sustainability is at the heart of Kerry Group’s business strategy and integrated in all our functional and operational activities. Leveraging Kerry’s deep-rooted dairy heritage in Ireland, we are totally committed to implementation of Origin Green – the world’s first nationally accredited Sustainability Programme. Origin Green enables the Irish food and beverage industry to demonstrate individually and collectively our commitment to sustainable production of high quality raw materials, innovative food ingredients and consumer-preferred products”

Stan McCarthy, Chief Executive, Kerry Group



Killowen Farm

“As eighth generation dairy farmers, sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do here at Killowen – I suppose we just didn’t have an official term for it! We already know our customers want clean, pure food; now we can show them it’s sustainably produced too. Through the Origin Green programme we now have a blueprint for sustainability within our business, as well as a means of communicating it to our customers in a clear and engaging way.”

Nicholas Dunne, MD



Kish Fish Co



Largo Foods

“We fully recognise our responsibilities to the environment and society in general. Origin Green is a very effective, sustainability framework which sets clear objectives under the key headings of raw material sourcing, manufacturing processes and social sustainability. Largo Foods is a committed participant of the Origin Green sustainability development programme. This is a fine initiative which establishes sustainability as a key platform for growth for the Irish food industry.”

Maurice Hickey, CEO, Largo Foods


Lee Strand Cooperative Creamery

“Sustainability and environmental management are central to day-to-day business management at Lee Strand Co-op. The company is accredited to ISO14401 since 1998 and EMAS (Eco-management and Audit Scheme) since 2000.  As a leading food company, Lee Strand Co-op’s focus is on resource efficiency and our achievements in terms of the efficient use of energy and water have been clearly demonstrated.  Lee Strand Co-op is fully committed to the Origin Green programme and to meeting our sustainability targets”.

John O’Sullivan, General Manager, Lee Strand Co-Operative Creamery 



Liffey Meats

“Liffey Meats is privileged to be an Origin Green member. We are extremely enthusiastic about the programme and we believe in creating a sustainable tomorrow. We have reached an important milestone in our corporate responsibility and sustainability plan and Origin Green is closely aligned with our corporate strategy. We would like to reach further and provide a concrete dedication with ambitious plans to our employees, local community, sourcing and the environment. We feel a responsibility to inspire others to create a sustainable tomorrow and we want to deliver results to meet our commitments. Further highlighting this clean, green and sustainable image of Ireland will enhance our connection with potential clients. We believe it is important to be pioneering this journey internationally in order to be recognized as a viable supplier.”

Francis Mallon, MD



Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates

“Origin Green stands for values that Lily O’Brien’s has had embedded in our culture for a very long time. The time has now come where it has risen in importance for both our customers & consumers which gives all participants in a green agenda a competitive advantage. In order to ensure a world of tomorrow that is as plentiful as today then we all need to prioritise long-term sustainability in our lives & our businesses. Thereby enabling us to hand on a fertile & abundant world to the next generation”.

Eoin Donnelly- CEO/Managing Director



Marine Harvest

“Our existence is linked to the manner in which we treat our environment. If we fail to act sustainably we shall fail in our long term objectives and never witness the satisfaction of passing on to the next generation that which we have strived to build. Origin Green is our pathway to measure how we protect and care for our natural resources, to ensure security tomorrow for the food we produce today.”

Pat Connors, Marine Harvest



Meade Potato Company

“For the obvious reasons of ethics and efficiency, we have always been environmentally responsible in the management of our business. As growers, we know the importance of preserving and protecting our resources for future generations. As we have expanded our food production facilities over the past 30 years, we have applied sustainability practices throughout our farm to fork supply chain journey which has translated into numerous recycling, waste reduction and energy efficiency initiatives.
Now, as committed members of Origin Green, we welcome the opportunity to implement these sustainability principles in an even more regulated, systematic way that might provide further benefit for our business and for the environment. The fact that Meade Potato Co will receive recognition and the right to market our sustainability through the Origin Green certification programme is an added benefit.”

Eleanor Meade, Business Operations Manager




Mileeven Fine Foods

Mileeven started from a hobby of beekeeping and a love for the surrounding flora and environment. Sustainability of the environment and the health of the bee is key to their future and allows us to continue to supply quality, pure honeys to our valued customers. Our products are dependent on nature and through Origin Green, we endeavour to prioritise the bees for their future and to help ensure that this valuable resource is around for generations to come.


“At Mileeven, we are proud to be a part of Origin Green. We totally rely on nature for our raw material and therefore have a responsibility to ensure a healthy future for the environment and the bees. Origin Green gives us the resources to formalise and communicate our goals and therefore strengthens our chance of achieving them.”

Sarah Gough

Sales & Marketing Director



Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants

“Our Family have been Farming at Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants for over 100 years and I’m the 3rd generation of Jeffares to run the business. I clearly recognise the increasing importance of sustainable food production and incorporating this ethos into environmentally friendly farming techniques to grow Blackcurrants so as to preserve and enhance the Farm for future generations. Origin Green provides Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants with a cost effective Platform to communicate the key message about our sustainability credentials and adds a whole new dimension to our interaction with customers”

Des Jeffares, Managing Director, Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants.


Mr. Crumb



Newgrange Gold

“As a young business we believe that Origin Green certification will be the foundation of a sustainable, profitable and exciting business in the future. The Origin Green program opens the door for everyone here at Newgrange Gold to appreciate that the methods used today in modern agriculture have a profound effect on our environment and that we need to protect what we have for future generations. Being within sight of the UNESCO site here at Bru na Boinne reminds us every day that we need to project what we have, Origin Green is the tool that enables us to focus our energy on how we can better ourselves, our community and our environment.”

Jack Rogers, Managing Director






NPD Bia Teo



O’Brien Fine Foods

“O’Brien Fine Foods are delighted to be a part of Origin Green. We recognise the importance of having a fully collaborative industry lead sustainability plan, to future proof Ireland’s natural resources, people and industry.  We will aim to exceed all our targets and hope to  become champions of the scheme at home and abroad.”



Oakpark Foods



Oliver Carty

“Our sustainability plan is an integral part of our overall strategic plan which integrates seamlessly into our existing business structures and processes. Our dedicated ‘Green Team’ focuses on many initiatives including the reduction of our waste levels, along with championing efficient energy and water usage. Sustainability is important to making sure that we have the resources required to protect our environment. Oliver Carty’s commitment to the Origin Green programme is benefitting our local community today whilst ensuring that we are protecting resources for generations to come.”

Ted Carty, Managing Director, Oliver Carty.



Oriel Sea Salt Company

The Oriel Sea Salt Company was founded with sustainability and environmental awareness at its core. We are harvesting one of our country’s greatest resources to produce superior products that cross the boundariesof food, health and nature. We are using up to 98% of the water we are harvesting to produce Sea Salt, Sea Minerals and Functional Water products. Employing proprietary advances in technology to ensure the protection of our environment and resources with the implementation of sustainable practices playing a significant role in the long term success of our business.
The statement from Origin Green “We have a contract with Nature” is a powerful one and it is one that we at Oriel have embraced from our inception. At Oriel, we believe this contract with nature is one which plays a key and strategic role not just in the promotion of our own business but in the promotion of Irish companies on an international platform as they look to take center stage with food, drink and health products that stand head to head with the best in the world.

Brian Fitzpatrick – Managing Director



“Sustainability is at the heart of Irish dairying, be it our grass-based system, our family farm model, our animal welfare standards or how we manage the land.  While we know this, we have been unable to prove it till now.  Origin Green enables us to prove just how naturally sustainable we are to our customers and consumers around the world.  It gives us the opportunity to set ourselves apart from our global competitors and showcase what we do naturally.”

Kevin Lane, Chief Executive, Ornua


Orpens Cider

“We’re absolutely over the moon to be part of this fantastic initiative. When Orpens came to life in 2012 three things mattered to us, we wanted to make a great product that sung of its provenance, we wanted to do it in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way and we wanted to do it on our terms. Being part of Origin green is a symbol for us that we haven’t lost sight of those goals and have grown in a way that we can be really proud of. We look forward to continuing to grow as part of a community that supports and shares our beliefs.”

Matt and Chris, Orpens Cider




Pip & Pear Chilled Baby Food

“Since our inception in 2015, we in Pip and Pear are acutely aware of the importance of sustainability, social responsibility and caring for our environment so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. We aim to maintain the highest standards of efficient manufacturing through sustainable sourcing of ingredients and packaging while producing a wholesome and nutritious range of chilled baby foods. Origin Green provides us with a framework that enables us to achieve our goals and targets as our business grows.”


Riverview Eggs

“Coming from a farming background and being rooted in the land and the community, sustainability and social responsibility has always been at the core of the Kelleher family and in turn Riverview. This was never formally documented, as we classified it as “something we always did”, and there was no scheme in which to report. Now through the Origin Green initiative, we have formalized these activities to show our past track record and to demonstrate our commitment to the future.”

D.J Kelleher, MD, Riverview Eggs. 



Rosie and Jim

As a small food producer, operating in a hugely competitive sector, our focus is to provide the best possible product and service and to do so at competitive pricing.

The implementation of sustainability initiatives in a committed and structured way has become an important component of this strategy and now affects every aspect of how we operate. Producing premium quality goods with as little damage as possible to the environment has been a team effort within our business and is helping to reduce our operating costs while increasing goodwill with customers and business partners alike.

Jimmy McLoughlin- Owner/Managing Director



Rosie’s Bakehouse

“At Rosie’s Bakehouse we are serious about our corporate social responsibility to make our products in as sustainable a manner as possible, while contributing in a meaningful way to our local community and promoting health and nutrition. Our Origin Green plan provides a roadmap for making these responsibilities an integral part of how we operate and grow our business into the future.”          

Peter Finch, Director, Rosie’s Bakehouse Ltd. 


Ryan’s Farm



Shellfish De La Mer

“As a company whose core business is based on a wild fishery, sustainability has always been at the forefront of Shellfish De La Mer’s business ethos. Off the west coast of Ireland we have access to some of world’s premier fishing grounds. Shellfish De La Mer have been fishing the same fishing grounds for the past 25 years, and through sustainable fishing methods, management and practices, we hope to still be fishing from that same abundant raw material source for years to come. The Origin Green programme offers Shellfish De La Mer the opportunity to further build on protecting this raw material source as well as offering a vehicle for communicating this sustainability to our customers.”

Peter O’Sullivan-Greene



Silver Hill Foods

“Sustainability to the Steele Family and Silver Hill Farm has always been of the upmost importance and we are very proud of our track record in this area.

Becoming involved with the Origin Green project was a natural progression for us and we look forward to sharing the aims and endeavours of this very worthwhile exercise with our customers.

Ireland has been at the forefront in producing quality food for decades, so this is just another example of our leading food producers once again raising the bar.”

Stewart Steele, Silver Hill Foods



Silver Pail Dairy

“For almost 40 years Silver Pail Dairy has used the freshest local cream and milk to manufacture high quality, delicious ice cream, frozen desserts and cream liqueur. We are passionate about delivering only the highest quality products to our customers and recognise that; care for the environment, sustainable and ethical practices and commitment to our people and community plays a critical role in delivering a sustainable high quality product and growing our business.   Origin Green has provided the framework to manage and communicate our sustainability principles within the business and also externally to our customers, suppliers and other partners.”

Thea Murphy, Managing Director, Silver Pail Dairy



Slaney Foods International

“Everyone at Slaney Foods International wants to protect the environment for the next generation. Origin Green is helping us do this.

We see that one of the key benefits of Origin Green Membership is that it aligns our sustainability strategy with that of our like-minded international customers. When sourcing sustainable raw materials it is therefore easy for our customers to make the choice between suppliers with or without a verified sustainability track record.

We and our farmer suppliers cherish our world which not only supplies our livelihood but also returns to us in so many ways the quality of life which we wish to share with our customers worldwide.

Origin Green represents a contract with sustainability which will allow us to grow as a company and contribute with our suppliers to nourish and to respect our fellow human beings and the earth which we share.”

Rory Fanning, Managing Director – Slaney Foods International



Sliogeisc na Rossan

Sliogeisc na Rossan T/A Irish Premium Oysters is committed to our sustainability programme to increase resource efficiency, minimize our impact on the environment and to make us more ecologically aware.

Being a verified member of Origin Green will enhance our reputation internationally as a producer of high quality oysters and it allows us to highlight to our customers our commitment to sustainable farming and production.

Edward Gallagher, Owner




“The oceans hold the food of our future and therefore must be proactively managed.  As a Seafood company wholly dependent on this resource, we understand the need to source sustainably, process responsibly and are continually cognisant of our people, the local community and greater environment.  Our core commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle is a fundamental component of our sustainable strategy while also adhering to the principles of Origin Green.”

Leslie Bates, Managing Director



Sports Fuel



Staunton foods

‘Staunton Foods Ltd. envisages Origin Green being a great asset to their current and future business. The introduction of it will not alone effect us but with targets set for our suppliers and local community, the gain will be spread across a wide base. Sustainability is very important in Staunton Foods Ltd. and we hope to use Origin Green in all in all aspects of future business.’



Stonewell Cider

“We are a young and rapidly growing business. If Origin Green can enable us to grow whilst minimising our environmental impact and reduce costs, it fits perfectly within our company ethos and objectives.”

Daniel Emerson, Stonewell Cider.






Teeling Whiskey Company

“Ireland has a well-deserved reputation as a country with a high quality environment in an era of ever intensifying environmental threats. The Teeling Whiskey Company takes its inspiration from this well-deserved reputation and endeavours to approach sustainability with this in mind. Teeling Whiskey is committed to producing Irish Whiskey in a manner that reduces environmental impact and promotes growth in the local community. It is our blueprint for sustainable growth and the ethos by which we aim to grow our business. We welcome the Origin Green sustainability development programme and look forward to working with Bord Bia and the team in Origin Green to continue to develop and contribute to a sustainable drinks industry in Ireland.”

Jack Teeling, Teeling Whiskey Company




The Culinary Food Group

“The Culinary Food Group is committed to the philosophy of Origin Green and its objectives. Utilising natural resources in a sustainable manner, protecting the environment through responsible management of our energy usage including production methodologies and waste management systems, embracing new technologies and working in partnership with all stakeholders to be a neighbour of choice, a supplier of choice, a producer of choice, to ensure our heritage, our legacy is the future for those who come after us, sustainable, clean and green”.

Pat Goff, The Culinary Food Group.



The Jelly Bean Factory

“The Jelly Bean Factory”® is committed to sustainability and being a member of Origin Green is a corner stone of our business going forward. We endeavour as a business to operate in a sustainable way and feel that being an Origin Green member highlights our commitment to sustainability.”

Richard Cullen, Managing Director, The Jelly Bean Factory



The Little Milk Company

“As an Organic food company, sustainability is key to our business. We are delighted to be part of Origin Green, a world first in Food Sustainability.”

Conor Mulhall, Managing Director



The Scullery



Truly Irish Country Foods

“Our aim is to better the health status of the nation. To do this we will improve the nutritional value of our products and play a significant role in educating the public. We are committed to  supporting Irish  producers and maintaining 100% traceability on all of our foods. ”



Ward Fish



Wild Atlantic Shellfish

“Sustainability is at the very core of our business; our oysters depend on a plentiful supply of clean, nutrient-rich water to sustain healthy growth and a high quality product. Our commitment to lean production practices in harmony with nature and the community, prudent waste management, optimizing water and energy consumption, and using sustainable materials, leads to a profitable and sustainable operation. Acknowledgement of this commitment through Origin Green membership enables us to grow export business in an ever more demanding marketplace”

Frank Carter, Project Manager, Wild Atlantic Shellfish



Woodstown Bay Shellfish

At Woodstown Bay Shellfish Ltd, we work with nature on a daily basis. Without clean sustainable waters and environment, our business could not exist.

We have a great respect for the environment in which we work. It has always been at the core of who we are and we are delighted to be a verified member of Origin Green to showcase our commitment to sustainability. “The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty, the activist is the man who cleans it up”.

Here at Woodstown Bay Shellfish Ltd, we are committed to make a difference and have a sustainable Aquaculture Industry for generations to come.

Naomi Barlow – Director of Operations 



Wyeth Nutritionals Ireland Ltd.

“As a part of Nestlé, our approach to business success is based on creating long-term sustainable value for our consumers, employees, suppliers and the communities within which we operate. We call this Creating Shared Value. In practice, it means robust commitments across a wide range of areas including environmental and social sustainability as well as nutrition, health and wellness, rural development and responsible sourcing.  At our Wyeth Nutrition infant nutrition plant, we continue to drive our sustainability strategy and have achieved some significant highlights already including zero waste going to landfill and reducing water usage by over a quarter. We are committed to environmentally sustainable business practices and strive to use natural resources efficiently, and use sustainably managed renewable resources. ”

John O’ Sullivan, Factory Manager at Wyeth Nutritionals Ireland Ltd


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