The Origin Green Charter

By agreeing clear objectives we can set meaningful and measurable sustainability goals that are independently verified.

At the core of the Origin Green programme is the Origin Green Sustainability Charter, a guideline document to the workings of Origin Green. This Charter directs companies to set meaningful and measurable sustainability goals that are then independently verified.

Once a potential member company has signed up to the Origin Green Manufacturing Charter, we agree clear objectives across three key areas:

Sustainability Target Areas

As part of the Charter, these companies develop five-year plans committing to sustainability improvements that are relevant to their individual businesses. All Origin Green sustainability plans are independently verified by SGS, a third party agency, and monitored on an annual basis through progress reporting which is also independently verified.


Bord Bia recently developed an additional sustainability charter specifically for retail and foodservice. This Retail and Foodservice Sustainability Charter operates in a similar way to how Origin Green works at manufacturing level.

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