Ireland’s Grass Fed Dairy Cows

With our temperate climate and plentiful rainfall, Ireland is naturally suited to sustainable dairy farming. Our dairy cows have the freedom to graze outdoors for up to 300 days a year.

Our grass-based production system puts Ireland on an ideal footing as we set out on our sustainability journey. We already have the most carbon efficient dairy production within the EU, while our water footprint and water stress index compare favourably to that of other countries. (Source: EU JRC Report 2010)

In fact, 80% of Ireland’s agricultural land is devoted to grasslands, with a yearly grass growth rate that exceeds the European average by more than a third. Grazing on such rich pastureland, our cows produce milk of the highest quality and, of course, healthy calves. These newborn calves also benefit from the fact that Irish dairy farmers strategically plan their calving to make the most of the seasonal increase in grass growth.

For more information on Ireland’s farming heritage, click here. 

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