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Why is sustainability important for Irish businesses?

Increasingly, across key markets, sustainability is becoming a central part of the business strategies of leading supermarkets, foodservice operators and manufacturers. These organisations are setting out long-term strategies with ambitious targets. Many of these targets cannot be achieved without the help of suppliers. As a result, they are increasingly looking back along the supply chain to assess how others can help them reach their goals.

This offers distinct opportunities for suppliers with strong sustainability credentials. Visit the Bord Bia website to begin the Origin Green sign-up process.


What value can Origin Green deliver for business?

The ultimate intention is the creation of a significant point of differentiation for the Irish food and drink industry around the area of sustainability. Bord Bia will communicate cumulative sustainability improvements under key headings, while individual members will be able to highlight their improvements as part of an independently audited and verified programme.

Origin Green allows the Irish food and drink sector to demonstrate its commitment to producing food and drink in a sustainable manner and to prove its credentials and ambitions to deliver further improvements. Successfully communicating these messages leave participants in a strong position to secure long-term business with a growing number of customers who have an increased focus on the sustainability of their operations. Furthermore, implementing a sustainability plan can also help identify the potential for cost savings and increased resource efficiency within your business.


What is involved in becoming a member of the Origin Green programme? 

For manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operators interested in participating in the Origin Green programme, they must sign up to the Origin Green Sustainability Charter and develop a multi-annual sustainability plan for their business by setting targets across key areas. Find out more on the Origin Green Sustainability Charter.


How do I sign up to the Origin Green programme and what will it cost?

Costs associated with the Origin Green programme are kept to a minimum and subsidised wherever possible. A fee is applied to verified members (€700 for initial verification and €350 annually thereafter) to cover costs associated with the independent verification of sustainability plans. This independent assessment is important for the credibility of the programme. For companies with a revenue on or below €100,000, a nominal fee of €140 is charged.

Origin Green registration is free and allows all companies to sign up, regardless of their financial position. Payment is only sought at a later stage when companies have submitted an independently verified sustainability plan.

To sign up for Origin Green today, please complete our registration form.