Longways Cider Company

James O’Donoghue and his family have been producing some of Ireland’s best apple cider for many years in the Longways Orchard, located just outside Carrick-on-Suir in the countryside of Southeast Tipperary.

Longways Cider is produced in close harmony with nature combining the ancient traditions of cider making with the latest production techniques. The process starts with the careful management of the soils of the orchard, coupled with dedicated care, maintenance and plant husbandry to grow the perfect apples.  The orchard is also home to sixteen Irish honeybee colonies that pollinate the entire orchard.

As a verified member of Origin Green, through the programme and it’s Sustainability Charter, Longways Cider have identified several targets to enhance their interaction with the natural habitat of their orchard and deepen the connection they have with their customers through the sustainable production of this craft cider.

Their Origin Green targets include the implementation of onsite measures to reduce energy, water and waste; initiatives to further improve the biodiversity of their orchard; sourcing sustainable ingredients; encouraging the responsible consumption of alcohol as well as developing an environmental education programme of cider making.

View the Longways Cider Company orchard in the photo gallery below.





To find out more about the Origin Green programme, contact us at OriginGreen@BordBia.ie




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