Ballykeefe Distillery

Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background


Product Range
Triple Pot Distilled Irish Whiskey, Triple Distilled Malt Whiskey, Double Distilled Malt Whiskey, Triple Distilled Poitín, Twelve Times Distilled Irish Potato Vodka and Irish Extra Dry Gin.

Specialists In
Producing top-class whiskey, vodka, gin and poitín.

Ballykeefe Distillery was established in Kilkenny, June 2015, on Morgan and Anne Ging’s family farm.

It manufactures a range of products, including double and triple distilled single pot still Irish whiskey; double and triple distilled single malt Irish whiskey; poitín; gin; and vodka.

The distillery was established to complement and diversify operations on the farm, which began as a beef and tillage operation. The creation of the first whiskey distillery in Kilkenny in over 200 years has revived a lost tradition, making the company a unique grain-to-glass operation.

Key Sustainability Commitments

From the outset, sustainability was part of Ballykeefe Distillery’s mission. The aspiration was to create an enterprise with the lowest possible carbon footprint and, a facility that minimises waste and energy use, while ensuring commercial viability. This has, at times, required a higher initial investment but, the long-term benefits outweigh the costs. Our values in relation to long term environmental impact have won the day, over short term commercial interests.

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Ballykeefe Distillery plans to grow all its own cereal for use in whiskey production. This ensures the provenance of the raw material, promotes the sustainability agenda of the Origin Green programme, and supports the Ballykeefe Distillery Brand Story. The company’s also use freshly grown plants which are dried and used a botanicals, emphasising their “grain to glass” approach. In support of this target, Ballykeefe Distillery will take part in the Irish Grain Assurance Scheme (IGAS).

Manufacturing Processes

  • As Ballykeefe Distillery only started production in 2017, they have not been able to set specific targets in terms of their manufacturing process. During their first year of production, the company will monitor their use in the areas of energy, waste, emissions and water, and will use these figures to set reduction targets in 2018.
  • However, Ballykeefe Distillery are committed to producing their product in the most sustainable way from the get-go. The most environmentally sustainable practices are undertaken on the farm, including precision crops spraying using satellite navigation, as well as trailing shoe slurry application.
  • The production facility features a passive stack ventilation system, which means fans only run between set temperature points, rather than always being on.
  • Liquefied petroleum gas is the primary fuel source. It offers lower CO2 emissions than the available alternatives.
  • The distillery will also contribute to the farm with pot ale, draff and wort, which are generated in the distilling process, being fed directly to livestock. The proximity of the farm gives Ballykeefe Distillery a unique advantage, eliminating the need to transport pot ale and draff off farm for disposal.
  • The company also use freshly grown plants from their farm as botanical.

Social Sustainability

  • Ballykeefe Distillery features a Visitor Centre, which it believes will attract tourists to the area, allowing the broader community to benefit economically from the development.
  • The company plans to sponsor their local camogie team.


Unique Selling Points

The creation of Kilkenny’s first whiskey distillery in over two centuries has reinvigorated the tradition of using homegrown barley to produce the spirits, while feeding the by-products to the cattle on the farm. This makes the operation a grain-to-glass outfit, with no off-farm by-products contaminating the environment.

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