Butlers Chocolates

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Business Background

Confectionary / Snacks

Product Range
Premium chocolate assortments, chocolate truffles with alcohol, solid chocolate bars and tablets, filled chocolate bars, luxury toffee and fudge, souvenir presentation assortments and seasonal lines.



Butlers Chocolates was established in Ireland in 1932. Eighty-five years on, the family-owned company is still crafting chocolate and confectionery in Dublin.

The company supplies a wide range of premium chocolate assortments, gourmet chocolate bars, liqueur chocolate collections, souvenir gifts and travel retail exclusives.

Butlers is also known and loved throughout Ireland and beyond for its eponymous retail concept – Butlers Chocolate Café. It’s an innovative experience, personifying the Butlers brand in over 30 locations worldwide including South Asia and Dubai.

Butlers Chocolates are the proud recipients of over 25 Great Taste Awards, as well as numerous Irish Food Awards and Quality Irish Food Awards.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Butlers Chocolates’ sustainability plans have measurable, tangible targets which must be achieved over a specific time period. These targets include sourcing, energy and emissions, water and waste.

Raw Material Sourcing

Butlers is committed to being a responsible company and advocates a holistic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The company ensures the broadest interests of their stakeholders; the consumer, the cocoa bean and coffee grower, the worker, the supplier, the customer, the environment and the investor are balanced and that decision making is based on an assessment of overall impact on the wider stakeholder set.

Social Sustainability

Butlers and their employees have always been engaged in initiative’s which benefit the wider community, such as major CSR initiatives, in addition other charity support. Previous examples have included; Butlers Cup 4 SVP and A Day of Hope for the Hope Foundation.
The company have also added a Health and Nutrition target, and objective and nutritional information has been included on all packaged products during 2016.

Unique Selling Points

Butlers Chocolates is the Irish domestic market leader in the production of luxury chocolates, with a world-class reputation that continues to grow. The Butlers brand is now available in 40 countries and 60 airports around the globe.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Great Taste Awards
  • Irish Food Awards
  • Quality Irish Food Awards
  • BRC
  • Internal Food Safety
  • Quality Policy
  • Quality Management System

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