Carr Shellfish Ireland

Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background




Case Study

Carr Shellfish Ireland was established as a family business in the Co. Cork village of Curraglass in 1946. In the last 60 years, the company has grown into a thriving seafood processing facility that is still managed by family members, together with a team of long-serving employees.

As it has grown, Carr has always maintained a strong relationship with local fishermen. It is these fishermen who supply the seafood for Carr Shellfish Ireland to process and distribute, both at home and abroad. Every year, Carr produces more than 1,000 tonnes of cooked crab, lobster and mussels. It also supplies a range of chilled and frozen products across Europe and, more recently, to China and the USA.

Developing sustainability

Environmental impact

Carr Shellfish’s business depends on the sustainability of fishing stocks, so it is highly aware of the need to manage its environmental impact. Our staff works closely with fishermen to promote sustainable fishing methods and full product traceability.

For example, Carr Shellfish only purchases live crab when it is in season and it monitors all incoming crab to ensure low-meat-content specimens are not unnecessarily removed from stocks. It also aims to improve the quality of handling of live crab and lobster.

Supporting crab conservation

Carr Shellfish’s Managing Director is a member of Acrunet, (, a project that aims to secure the sustainability of the European crab-meat industry.

Quality and traceability

Highest food safety and quality standards are of the utmost importance to Carr Shellfish Ireland. This means that stringent quality control procedures are followed to ensure that only the finest quality product reaches the customer. We utilise the DIOMAC business management system to ensure that all ingredients are batch coded and fully traceable from the supplier and through the production process until it is dispatched to the customer.

 Organic commitment

With regards to processing, Carr Shellfish works continuously to reduce waste, conserve energy, recycle packaging, optimise transport, and reduce water usage. Carr Shellfish Ireland is an approved processing plant and is audited quarterly by the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority ( It also holds an organic production licence in line with the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association Standard ( The company is working to achieve the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Food Standard (, which is recognised as the foremost accreditation for quality control and safety in the food industry.

What does Origin Green mean for Carr Shellfish Ireland?

The company is continuing to address the environmental impacts of its business through membership of Origin Green. In the plan submitted as part of the Origin Green membership process, Carr Shellfish commits to:

  • Measure sustainability performance against international standards
  • Reduce:
  • Factory waste by 20%
  • Water usage by 12%
  • Bio waste by 8%
  • Electricity usage by 4%
  • Oil usage by 3%
  • Continually encourage sustainable fishing methods by incentivising fishermen
  • to return poor-quality crab
  • Continue as an active Acrunet member
  • Continually improve the handling of live crab and lobster
  • Apply penalties and rewards to suppliers on an animal-welfare basis
  • Plant native Irish trees around its factory site
  • Continually promote environmental awareness among employees

What we’re doing better

  • 2013: Installation of stunning machine to dramatically reduce water usage.
  • 2014: Installation of recirculation of water system in place of direct flow, reducing water usage.
  • 2014: General operative staff implemented simple system for recycling of mesh bags which had previously been going to waste.
  • 2014: Implementation of a programme which includes the instalment of sensor controlled lights eliminating waste electricity in store rooms etc.

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