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Sustainability headlines

  • Repak Member of the Year 2014
  • Repak Best Packaging Prevention Initiative Award 2014
  • Repak finalist for the best packaging prevention initiative in 2013
  • Partnership with horticulture company will see 10,000 tonnes of chicken litter landspread by 2019
  • Goal of sourcing of 50% of all chicken from Bosca implemented farmers by 2019


Manor Farm was established in 1775 by the Carton Family. Managing Director, Vincent Carton and Director of Information, Justin Carton, represent the eight generation of the Carton family to work in the family owned business.

In 1956, Manor Farm introduced the chicken as we now know it into Ireland and moved to a custom-built plant on the shores of Lough Sillan in Co. Cavan in 1970. Manor Farm’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its construction of its own feed mill. Manor Farm has also provided research funding for numerous academic studies to explore ways of improving its process and becoming more sustainable.

Who we are

Manor Farm is a family-owned chicken business with processing and feed mill operations in Shercock, Co. Cavan and offices in Dublin. The company produces c. 850,000 chickens per week and produces about 700 different fresh and frozen chicken products. It also processes 130,000 tonnes of feed for over 160 contracted farmers, who grow exclusively for Manor Farm. The company has a turnover of €220m and employs almost 800 people directly and a further 1,000 indirectly from farmers growing wheat to suppliers.

The company’s UFAS-accredited feed mill is unique in Ireland for being under the control of the chicken processor, while a €13m overhaul of the processing facility in 2004 resulted in one of the most modern and sophisticated plants in Europe.

Our sustainability credentials

Manor Farm’s approach to sustainability focuses on reducing emissions to air, water and land; reducing waste; and using energy and resources efficiently. The company’s processing site is licensed by the EPA and its environmental management system is based on ISO 14001. The company intends to become ISO14001 in the second half of 2015 and ISO 50001 by 2016. Manor Farm enjoys BRC Grade A Higher Level version 6, holds a Tesco Food Manufacturing Standard – Green site and a GS1 Global Traceability Standard, where its score of 100% was a world first for a first-time entrant.

As a member of Repak, the company was a finalist in the best packaging prevention initiative 2013 for its ‘Rip and Take’ pallet boxes, which dramatically reduced the number of deliveries to site and the amount of cardboard packaging used. Also in 2013, the company was a finalist in the SEAI Collaboration Award for an energy saving project involving its farmer network.

Manor Farm is a participant in the Sustainable Energy Community Scheme and, in 2014, is supporting 35 of its chicken farmers undertake energy reduction measures. In addition, the scheme supports insulated upgrades to selected nursing and community buildings in counties Monaghan and Cavan.

Origin Green in action

Manor Farm’s Origin Green plan covers the period 2014 to 2019, with 2013 as the baseline year. Key actions focus on the areas of sourcing, processing and social sustainability. A major goal in the area of sourcing is to enhance the sustainability of the supply chain from farmers, right through to packaging. Two important targets set out in this regard include:

  • the sourcing of 50% of all chicken from Bosca implemented farmers by 2019, from current baseline of 0%. Bosca is an innovative and cost-effective cloud-based data analytics system that facilitates improvements in flock husbandry, operational efficiency, health status, animal welfare, disease risk and sustainability;
  • a partnership with horticulture company Country Crest, which will see 10,000 tonnes of chicken litter land spread on County Crest lands with, in return, 5,000 tonnes of wheat grown on this land purchased by Manor Farm by 2019.

In the area of manufacturing, targets have been identified for 2019 in five areas. These include: a 19% total primary energy reduction for the feedmill and processing facility (a stretch target); a 20% diversion of organic biosolids by volume from land spreading; a general waste reduction to landfill by 20%; a 15% reduction in the amount of BOD/COD discharged per day from the site; and a 5% reduction in water usage.

Social responsibility

The company’s commitment to social sustainability is broad ranging and, through Origin Green, will see a focus on a number of areas including the health of consumers and nutrition of products (see ‘What we’re doing better’); the company’s role in the local community; and employee wellbeing. Its commitment to the community is demonstrated through long-running support for local projects, as well as to developing and conserving the lake ecosystem adjacent to its production facility and the feedmill.

As a major employer in the local community, Manor Farm is fully committed to developing employment, further education and training opportunities. Absenteeism is closely monitored and the current absenteeism rate is well below the industry standard. Through Origin Green, the company will actively create opportunities for students and workplace students and seek to increase the number of employees availing of the bike to work scheme.

What we’re doing better

Consumer health is a major priority for Manor Farm as a number of actions recently undertaken confirm. These include: removal of gluten from a key ingredient and the removal of hydrogenated vegetable oil, which had been used in some oil-based marinades. Manor Farm is working on reducing salt levels to comply with FSAI 2012 guidelines, with a reduction of up to 50% achieved in some cases.


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