Clogherhead Fishermens Co-op

Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background


Product Range
"• Frozen at sea prawns • Fresh fish sold whole - Cod - Prawn tails - Haddock - Monk - Plaice - Hake - Meg/witch - Ray - Ling - Squid - Turbot - cuttlefish

Specialists In
Frozen at sea prawns (Nephrops Norvegicus)

In 1999 a group of young, second generation fishermen decided to pool their talent and resources, forming a co-op to help maximise earnings and minimise costs associated with fishing activities. The result is a 12-strong fleet of modern boats and an impressive collective of skilled manpower. Our owners/skippers are also a lot younger than the industrial average, entrepreneurs in their own right:

Quality – Provenance – Responsibility

We strive to provide the highest quality produce, are proud of the provenance of Clogherhead and Ireland, and fish in a responsible manner, in full knowledge of the importance of the sea providing a limited resource. All the boats operate a full HACCP and environmental management system. Four of our vessels are fully certified to the BIM Responsibly Sourced Seafood (RSS) standard with our remaining vessels currently in application (August 2017). Onshore we also operate HACCP and a full traceability system and will add the RSS certification to guarantee chain of custody as part of this plan.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Responsibly Sourced Seafood (RSS) standard membership.
  • Active participation in Prawn FIP.

Manufacturing Processes

  •  Energy: Reduce energy consumption through update of cold store
    technology and better work practices by 20% over 5 years.
  •  Waste: Maintain low waste arisings.
  •  Waste: Reduce the amount of waste to landfill by 20% over plan duration.
  • Water: Maintain minimal mains water consumption.

Social Sustainability

  • Community/Employee Engagement
  • Maintain Support of Employees, Local Community & the Environment.
    Health & Nutrition
  • Provide health & nutritional information on Nephrops.


Unique Selling Points

• Quality – our guys have years of experience in catching prawns, some things learnt from studies and others from tradition – quality is something we believe the customer should not have to worry about.

• Provenance – when you buy from the Co-operative, there is full traceability back to the boat that caught the product. We can not only provide full chain of custody, but our customers know that dealing with us equals dealing with the boats. Our boat owners are our share holders > there are no middle men. The benefits of any relationship filters right back to the crew who caught the product in the first place.

• Supply – while we are at the mercy of the elements and available quota, with twelve freezer vessels we are confident that we can give continuity of supply most weeks of the year.

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