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Product Range
Dubai Duty Free Full Cream Milk Powder, BonYa+ Kids & Teens / Active / Senior Milk Powder, Invigor-8 Sports Nutrition, Specially For You Whey Protein For Women, Shake Up+ Calcium Protein Shake, Heart Up+ Barley and Yogie Powdered Flavoured Yoghurt Drink.

Specialists In
Manufacturing ambient dry food products for the retail market on behalf of its customers.



Located in Navan, Epicom’s headquarters is a hub for its finance, HR, health and safety, engineering and project management departments. Founded in 1999, the company employs 80 people at its state-of-the-art food plant (circa 33,000sq.ft) and is a nut-free site.

Epicom has four independent hygiene and allergen controlled rooms, including a dedicated gluten-free room. It has built up the capability to provide a turnkey service for private brand development, which contains every stage – from research and development; NPD; artwork and packaging design; extensive quality and regulatory control; lab analysis; and certification; through to manufacturing and logistics.

This has enabled Epicom to produce a wide range of products tailored to customer requirements.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

100% of raw materials will be from appropriately certified companies by 2018.

Manufacturing Processes

Reduce electrical energy consumption by 40%. Key initiatives to achieve this include:

  • Establishing and communicating a site Energy Awareness Programme Install monitoring and targeting (M & T) system.
  • Implementing new lighting layout.
  • Installing operational power factor correction equipment.
  • Reviewing heating and ventilation systems.

Epicom has established and began communicating a site Energy and Waste Awareness Programme. They changed energy supplier July 2016, and is now monitoring reductions in bills.

Reduce recyclable waste going to general waste and aim to reduce waste generation. Initiatives required to achieve this target include:

  • Resource loss mapping.
  • Resource efficiency audit.
  • Waste management policy.
  • Waste management strategy.
  • Waste management criteria specific to the difference materials.
  • Waste contractor questionnaires.
  • Waste segregation fixtures procurement.
  • Promotion campaign.
  • Staff training.

Social Sustainability

Epicom Food has been proactive in encouraging and maintaining employee engagement. Throughout the year the company hold various quizzes, raffles and competitions, and participate in events such as “Daffodil Day” and “Goal Jersey Day”. Every December we have “Santa’s Grotto” for employees and their children and, along with our Christmas party, we have various “Epicom Staff/Family Days Out”. Epicom Foods’ target is to add at least one Social Sustainability initiative a year, focusing on the following:

  • 2014: Employee Fitness and Nutrition
  • 2015: Local Community Group support
  • 2016: Employee language development
  • 2017: Local community group support (helping local youth group or community group with fundraising or events)
  • 2018: Employee smoking cessation

Since 2014 the company have held “Epicom Long Service Awards” and in 2016 they launched “Epicom Value Awards”.

Unique Selling Points

Epicom is a one-stop-shop, providing retail milk powder solutions to large export markets.

Awards & Accreditations

  • BonYa+ Fortified Milk Powder – SIAL Innovation Award 2017
  • Specially For You – SIAL Innovation Award 2017
  • Small To Medium Business Category – Meath Business Award 2015
  • EA ATF and UCD Smurfit Business School Mentoring Programme 2015
  • BRC
  • Health Service Executive
  • Department of Agriculture & the Marine
  • IFS
  • CNCA
  • FDA,
  • OFGA

Case Study


Sustainability headlines

  • 100% of NPD raw material to be supplied from appropriately certified companies by 2018.
  • 100% waste diverted from landfill by 2018.
  • 40% reduction of electrical energy consumption by 2018.


Epicom was founded in 1999 and have grown considerably over the years, now employing 300 staff in four locations around Ireland. The company has been built on a strong culture of customer care.

Who we are

The main focus is to develop food solutions to meet customer requirements. Epicom have developed a network of partners on the supply and sales distribution sides of the business. Epicom’s main products are milk based powder blends which are formulated in-house to meet specific customer requirements. They are a turnkey private label food manufacturer, providing product formulation, manufacturing, artwork design, packaging development and logistics services.

Sustainability credentials

Epicom believes the sustainability of the food chain is critical to its future success and its sustainability initiatives are supported by a multi-disciplinary team. The company is approved to manufacture milk powder products for export, by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, is a registered food manufacturer with the Health Service Executive Environmental Health Department, and is an approved manufacturing site by the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association.

The company has BRC grade A certification and has invested heavily in both facilities and equipment to ensure that the highest production standards can be met. A new warehouse built in 2012 was constructed to the highest efficiency standards.

Origin Green in action

Implementation of Origin Green between 2014 and 2018 will boost efficiencies, reduce costs, and embed sustainability in the culture of Epicom. The company’s goals in raw material sourcing will centre on the activities of its new NPD department, which is actively developing products and sourcing materials for innovative new products. The company’s target is for 100% of NPD raw material to be supplied from appropriately certified companies by 2018. In the area of manufacturing, the target is to reduce electrical energy consumption by 40% over this time. Key initiatives include;

  • Establishing and communicating a site energy-awareness programme; installing an Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) system;
  • Implementing a new lighting layout; installing operational power factor correction equipment;
  • Reviewing heating and ventilation systems.

Meanwhile, Epicom’s stretch target revolves around reducing recyclable waste going to general waste, along with an overall reduction in waste generation. From a baseline figure of 100% waste going to landfill in 2013, the company’s goals are for 15% of this to be eliminated through waste prevention, 35% to be diverted through food waste recovery, 35% to be recycled, and15% to be incinerated or otherwise diverted from landfill by 2018.

Social responsibility

Epicom is proactive in encouraging and maintaining employee engagement and uptake of events it organises is very high. As part of Origin Green, the company is taking an innovative approach to social sustainability, focusing on at least one significant initiative each year as follows:

  • 2014: employee fitness and nutrition
  • 2015: local community group support
  • 2016: employee language development
  • 2017: local community group support
  • 2018: employee smoking cessation

What we’re doing better

To supplement its social responsibility initiatives and to achieve its target for 2014, the company devised an employee fitness and nutrition event, which included a group talk delivered by qualified nutrition and fitness professionals, diet planning, fitness at work and at home discussion, and group and individual exercise planning. In partnership with a local gym, free introductory sessions and group membership discounts were made available.

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