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Business Background


Product Range
Potatoes are the backbone of our business. However recently we have diversified into growing and packing a range of vegetables products as well. Our par-cooked potato products consist of a wide range from chilled chips, wedges, baked potatoes, baby potatoes, croquettes, diced potatoes, baked sweet potato, sweet potato wedges, sweet potato chunks etc.

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Potatoes & Vegetable Products



Finnegan’s are a 5th generation family run farming business. Finnegan brothers Paul & Joe farm c. 1800 conacres near the family farm in Balrath, Navan Co. Meath. They specialise in winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley, oil seed rape and of course potatoes. Paul & Joe run two separate companies in parallel with each other on-site with E.Finnegan & Sons specialising in fresh vegetable products and the newly formed Bellew Food Company specialising in added value par-cooked products.
With the aim of making the “humble spud” more convenient and turning something which was essentially surplus stock into something saleable, the Finnegan brothers want to boost potato consumption by making the potato a more fashionable and convenient part of modern day meals. With no additives or preservatives and boasting only 2-3 ingredients, their naturally sourced fresh tasting potato range encourages a healthier lifestyle.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Finnegan’s have always endeavoured to protect the environment by adapting appropriate farming techniques. Our sustainable approach to farming is economically viable, environmentally sound and socially beneficial making it work for us, the land and the community. Our aim is to produce healthy food without compromising our future generation’s ability to do likewise. We want to preserve the resources available to us so that future generations can also avail of them.

Manufacturing Processes

We have recently installed our own water treatment plant. Using water from our own well, we recycle 80% of our water on-site with only 20% of it disposed by filtration. Our current aim is to decrease our overall water consumption by achieving a 90% recycle rate in the foreseeable future.
Our beef suckler herd are complimentary to the existing enterprise as they turn otherwise non-saleable potatoes into a highly sought after commodity i.e. Irish beef. They also reduce our waste and in turn reduce our disposal costs. We also boast the fact that we own every step of the potato process. We have full traceability and can stand by our products 100%. From planting, digging, washing, cooking, prepping and delivering and of course recycling the leftover feed to our animals. Finnegan’s “go-green” perspective increases the efficiency of our system and reduces our waste by managing the food chain appropriately. The latest addition to our “go-green” programme is the addition of a compactor on-site used to separate plastic and cardboard for recycling.

Social Sustainability

Finnegan’s actively support their community by sponsorship of events and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. The Finnegan family have been involved in the GAA circles in Meath for generations with both Paul and Joe managing underage teams and organising fundraising events. As well as sponsoring the club, we also use our own machinery to maintain the club pitches. We also provide our healthy potato products to the homeless through the Pizza Club and donating to local soup kitchens. We feel that education is key for the sustainability of our future generation. As a result we offer regular school tours on site to provide children with a hands on opportunity to see where their food actually comes from. Along with our annual FarmFest which we run annually, we open up our farm to allow the children to “Dig Their Dinner” and get their hands dirty. We also donate seed potatoes to local schools and educate them on how to grow their own produce in their school garden.

Unique Selling Points

As 5th generation potato farmers, we have the knowledge and expertise to grow many different varieties to provide the customer with gourmet eating qualities such as excellent flavours, textures, colours, shapes and of course a taste of history
● Finnegan’s products are convenient as they are pre-cooked and ready to eat in 2-3 minutes
● All produce is grown, produced and packed on site
● Preservative and additive free with only 2-3 ingredients, resulting in a naturally sourced, traditional fresh tasting potato range. Our Irish ingredients communicate a quality and healthy good food choice
● Some may imitate, none will duplicate!

Awards & Accreditations

  • Zurich Alternative Farmers of the Year
  • New Business Category Winner in the Meath Business and Tourism Awards
  • Shortlisted in the AgriBusiness Awards for both the Prepared Foods and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable category.

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