Gallagher Bros Ltd & Ocean Farm Ltd.

Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background


Product Range
Whole Gutted Organic Salmon – Ocean Farm, Mackerel – Gutted, Whole and Filleted, Horse Mackerel – Whole Round, Herring – Whole, Filleted and Deli, Marinated Herring Flaps, Blue Whiting – Whole Round and Sprats – Whole Round.

Specialists In
Frozen pelagic fish, including mackerel, horse mackerel, herring, sprats, blue whiting and also marinated herring products.

Gallagher Bros was established by brothers Jack and Phil Gallagher in 1919. As the Irish fishing industry evolved, the company expanded upon its core business of processing and diversified into fishing and aquaculture.

Today, Gallagher Bros produces superior seafood, ranging from frozen pelagic fish and marinated herring, to organic Atlantic salmon.

Throughout the years, it has developed strong relationships with its customer base by providing excellent service and quality frozen fish.

This commitment has enabled Gallagher Bros and Ocean Farm to grow, exporting products to markets across the globe.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Continue commitment to growing only organic salmon smolts.
  • Maintain MSC chain of custody for herring and mackerel membership.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Reduce fresh water consumption.
  • Biodiversity: Increase awareness of invasive alien species among Ocean Farm Employees.

Social Sustainability

  • Improve and maintain employee well being.
  • Continue commitment to local charities.

Unique Selling Points

Gallagher Bros has been a family-owned company for almost 100 years. Family management means commitment, fast response and flexibility to customer needs.

The company operates its own fishing vessel, ensuring supply of raw material, while its quayside plant facilitates freshness by processing fish as soon as they land.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Organic approved Salmon Farm and Packing Plant.
  • MSC in mackerel and herring.

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