Goatsbridge Trout Farm

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Product Range
Filleted & Gutted Fresh Trout, Smoked Trout, Trout Caviar, Tinned Trout, Smoked Trout Pate

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Providing rainbow trout in a variety of forms.




Goatsbridge Trout Farm has a track record of 55 years in business and brings a wealth of experience to suit ever-changing market trends, putting a huge emphasis on quality, innovation and environmental responsibility.

As a small, family-run business with tradition, heritage and expertise, the company offers reliable, large scale production capability. It can offer potential brand extensions through its NPD pipeline, as well as the opportunity to pack own label if required

Employing 20 people, its business grew by 23% in 2013, building on a commitment to develop innovative ideas and providing a professional farm-to-fork service. Goatsbridge Trout Farm is a unique Irish producer within the fish industry, enjoying a reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable supplier.

The company aims to be a leader in the trout industry. It will continue to build business through sustainable practices in fish welfare and is a member of Origin Green. In terms of traceability, it was the first company to tag fish on the fresh fish counter.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Goatsbridge will ensure that it only sources feed from companies that are Global Gap and ASC certified as using sustainable sources of fish meal and environmentally aware methods of production

Social Sustainability

  • Increase involvement in the local community by providing environmental education, make donations to locla charities and host cooking demonstrations.

Unique Selling Points

Goatsbridge Trout Farm Company is the only outfit of its kind to provide trout caviar in Ireland.

In addition, it is the sole manufacturer of tinned trout with a long shelf life and ambient temperature.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Food Innovators of the Year – McKenna Guides, Food and Retail Awards 2016
  • Gold – Blas na hÉireann Awards 2015
  • Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce, Producer of the Year – Glanbia Kilkenny Business Awards 2015

Case Study

Sustainability headlines

  • Certified under the Irish Fisheries Board’s ECOPACT initiative since 2012.
  • Our five-year plan includes strategic objectives around the more efficient use of water and electricity, and wider public involvement with fish farming.
  • An overarching concern for high welfare standards is reflected in strict adherence to internationally-agreed stocking principles.


Ireland’s lakes, rivers and streams form a vast and vital network of unspoiled waterways, the protection of which is central to the country’s ecological diversity.

Established in 1961, on the fast, clear waters of the Little Arrigle River, near Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, Goatsbridge Trout Farm has been far-sighted in its stewardship of sustainable aquaculture from the beginning. Today, this thriving family business is on the cusp of a new period of growth and development, one that will see its long-standing sustainability credentials gain new momentum through participation in Origin Green.

Who we are

Goatsbridge consists of two companies: Goatsbridge Trout Farm, which focuses on excellence in aquaculture and Goatsbridge Processors, which centres on further processing. Their physical proximity optimises logistical efficiencies and means farmed trout can be harvested daily and processed in a matter of minutes, ensuring the highest-quality product for end-consumers. Leading UK and Irish retailers Sainsbury’s and SuperValu, as well as many top restaurants, are among its key customers. Goatsbridge employs 15 people full-time.

Over the years, Goatsbridge Trout Farm has won numerous awards and widespread recognition not just for its commitment to quality but to innovation. In 2013, the company won the Best New Product award from the leading good food guide, Bridgestone, for its trout caviar, the first to be produced in Ireland. It also won the prestigious Irish Times Innovation Award in 2013.

Our sustainability credentials

Sustainability in aquaculture is multi-faceted and good stewardship begins with recognising the importance and the interconnectedness of water quality, fish welfare, feed sources and relationships with the broader community.

Goatsbridge’s commitment to the lowest possible environmental impact is recognised, and accredited, nationally and internationally. It has been certified under the Irish Fisheries Board’s ECOPACT initiative since 2012, and is currently working to attain the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Food Standard – the foremost accreditation for quality control and safety in the food industry.

Goatsbridge’s feed needs are met by Biomar, the Danish supplier internationally recognised for its environmentally sound practices and whose products are Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified.

The company’s overarching concern for high welfare standards is reflected in strict adherence to internationally-agreed stocking principles, ensuring trout are reared at minimal density and harvested using small hand nets, rather than through mechanical methods. This allows Goatsbridge to resolutely stand behind the premium quality of every fish reared and every fillet processed in our facilities – with the data readily available to confirm this.

What Origin Green means to us

We are delighted with the role Origin Green will play in foregrounding and advancing our environmentally-conscious practices.

  • Under our five-year plan submitted as part of the Origin Green membership process, Goatsbridge has set a number of strategic objectives, including the more efficient use of water and electricity, and wider public involvement with fish farming.
  • Goatsbridge’s Origin Green plan is led by Margaret and Gerard Kirwan, the company’s co-directors, who will work hand in hand with factory manager Liam Brophy to achieve their goals.
  • Collectively, the steps we are taking will highlight our commitment to the ‘triple bottom line’: improved financial performance, environmental progress and deeper engagement with customers, employees and the local community.

What being a good neighbour means to us

Goatsbridge has always believed in strong relationships with our community. Recently, when anglers highlighted breaches in a weir on the Little Arrigle River, we invested in a new fish pass and repaired the breaches, which freed up the waterway for migratory fish.

What we’re doing better

Freshwaters are among nature’s most fragile and complex of ecosystems, and to be successful in its outcomes, freshwater aquaculture must work hand in hand with nature. In all our activities, we seek to preserve and enhance the environment, allowing wild fish stocks can flourish while delivering real solutions that meet the ever-increasing global demand for fish.

  • We’ve always believed in working with nature, and we welcome the public to see how we do this in our popular visitors’ centre. Here we showcase the concept of aquaponics – the use of fish waste to fertilise plants – and hold regular workshops on farming techniques, cooking with fish and nutritional education.
  • Discharge water from our trout farm is sampled every six months in accordance with our company licence for trade effluents.
  • Through long-standing good practice, our trout farm generates relatively low amounts of waste – mainly the plastic bags used for feed. These bags are recyclable, and, on average, 800kg of plastic bags are sent for recycling every year.
  • We are always looking for ways to increase reuse and recycling. For example, the wooden pallets on which the feed is delivered are now used for repair works on site.

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