Goodness Grains

Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background


Product Range
Gluten-free Breads, Bagels, Baked Goods and Gluten-free Danish Pastry Range.

Specialists In
Quality gluten-free breads, baked goods and Danish pastry products. There is no outsourcing.



Established in 2013, Goodness Grains is a family-run company bringing high-grade, fresh gluten-free products to the coeliac consumer.

Through an in-depth relationship with the target customer from the company’s inception, through a definitive and personal research and development stage, a trust has formed between Goodness Grains and its base – the core coeliac market, medical referral customers and the growing ‘lifestyle’ consumer group.

All of its products are freshly baked (in a nut-free production facility) and suitable for freezing. The bakery, which has over 30 years experience in this field, is one of a very few purpose built gluten-free bakeries in Ireland. As a result, Goodness Grains can offer coeliacs complete peace of mind in relation to issues such as traceability and cross-contamination. It is due to move into new 18,000sq.ft plant in Q3 2017.

Not only is it the only producer of fresh gluten-free Danish pastries in Ireland, its gluten-free bread is the only of its kind in Ireland and the UK to hold two Gold Stars from the Great Taste Awards.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Maintain 100% egg from Origin Green Verified Company – The company’s current egg supplier is Clonarn Clover, Cavan (Origin Green Verified company). As part of Origin Green, Goodness Grains will commit to maintaining 100% of their egg supply from an Origin Green verified member company. This will be important as the company continues to grow and their egg supply increases.
  • 100% Milk sourced from SDAS Companies – The company’s current milk supplier is Cuinneog Ltd, Castlebar, Co. Mayo (sourced through Pallas Foods). Cuinneog Ltd is not a certified SDAS company. Milk is a key ingredient and the company understands the importance of aligning with industry standards and initiatives. As part of their Origin Green plan, Goodness Grains will firstly establish with Cuinneog if they have plans in place to become SDAS compliant, and if so they can work with them in achieving their target. If they have no SDAS target plan in place, the company will work to source a new SDAS supplier (or a supplier who has SDAS targets in place) over the period of their Origin Green plan.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Goodness Grains will establish baselines for energy, waste and water during 2016 using Bord Bia’s source tracker, and decide on targets at end 2016. Being a relatively new company, they have not tracked their usage levels to date, but realise that this will be increasingly important as the company continues to grow.

Social Sustainability

Goodness Grains’ Targets for this section are:

  • Sustain local community by providing employment
  • Address other Allergens in our Production Line and Omit Sesame Seed from all future and existing products.

Goodness Grains is owned and run by a local Longford family with roots in this area going back many years. It has always been the ethos to keep the business within the community and provide employment at local level when possible. As part of the Origin Green plan, Goodness Grains will continue to source its employees from the local midlands region, thereby helping to sustain a midlands community that has suffered severely through unemployment in the recent recession.

The company target to increase the current workforce of 17 with an additional 8 employees by 2020, thereby increasing our local workforce by 47%. Initiatives in progress to help deliver this target include advertising through local media forums and online through FAS and JobBridge schemes and also our own website –

An integral part of Goodness Grains’ Business Plan is to become a Free From Bakery, i.e. to endeavour to eliminate as many allergens as possible from their product lines, thereby serving the dietary requirements of as many consumers as possible. Currently all bread products are suitable for vegans, being free from gluten, dairy and egg. Some other products are also dairy free. The top 80% of allergen sufferers in the world are accounted for by gluten and dairy intolerance.
As part of the Origin Green plan, Goodness Grains will continue to work in the area of allergen elimination and their specific target will be the elimination of sesame seeds from their production line. The company will achieve this by reviewing and revising their product recipes to see how they can eliminate and/or substitute sesame seeds. They will then go through all their supplier specifications and, where necessary, source new suppliers to meet requirements.

Unique Selling Points

Goodness Grains is a dedicated gluten-free facility, so there is no risk of cross-contamination for the end user. In addition, all its bread products are free from diary and egg, making them suitable for vegans, while the bakery is an entirely nut-free environment.

Due to ongoing NPD – including extensive research direct from the target market – Goodness Grains is first to market with unique product offerings, such as its gluten-free Danish pastries.

Finally, it is the only gluten-free bread awarded two stars at the Great Taste Awards 2013/2014.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Great Taste Awards – 15 in total
  • Blas na hÉireann Awards – six in total
  • Highly Commended – Free From UK Awards, Breakfast category
  • Currently working to BRC standards (accreditation due Q1 2018)
  • Successfully audited by Tesco National Supply Level

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