Greenfield Foods

Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background


Product Range
Free Range Eggs, Organic Eggs, Enriched Eggs, Caged Fresh Eggs.

Specialists In
Grading and packing approximately six million eggs weekly. It produces free range, organic, enriched and caged fresh eggs for both retailers own label, and its own brands of eggs.

Previously known as Greenfield Eggs, Greenfield Foods Ltd is located in Smithboro, Co. Monaghan, where it was founded over 40 years ago.

With a production supply base of 60 farms, it employs approximately 90 people who are involved in grading and packing approximately six million eggs per week.

All of its eggs come from Irish farms and are approved by Bord Bia under the Egg Quality Assurance Scheme.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Establish a working group of egg suppliers with the aim to discuss and share best practice in the areas of animal welfare, biosecurity, hygiene and any other environmental issues or improvements that can be made.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Reduce energy use by 20%.
  • Reduce waste for energy recovery by 10%.
  • Increase amount of waste recycled by 10%.
  • Research new ways to utilise raw egg waste.
  • Research and implement energy renewables over the next 3 years

Social Sustainability

  • Continue to support charities, including donating 8,000 dozen eggs to Irish charity Bóthar and providing continued financial support to the Irish Cancer Society. In addition the company also supports local charities and initiatives, including Monaghan Community Games, Monaghan GAA and Fermanagh GAA.
  • Encourage employees to engage with the Cycle to Work scheme to promote a healthy lifestyle among staff members.

Unique Selling Points

Greenfield Foods is Ireland’s largest packer of fresh eggs. It has strong relationships and excellent service levels, which it has built up over the years with all major retail clients and the food service sector.

Awards & Accreditations

  • ISO14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
  • Organic Trust

Case Study

Greenfield Foods Ltd. Sustainability – Leadership in Eggs for the Long Haul.

‘Greenfield Foods Ltd vision and ambition is to be recognised as one of Ireland’s leading sustainable companies’ John Mohan, Director

About the Company

Greenfield Foods Ltd has been a family run business for over 40 years. Originally Greenfield Eggs, the amalgamation with Meadow Farm Eggs 1998, formed Greenfield Foods Ltd. This family partnership and forward-thinking investment has allowed Greenfield to grow from 800 birds & a small packing store, to a production base of 1 million birds from 63 farm sites & a modern state of the art packing facility in 2013.

Greenfield Foods are the leading supplier of eggs in Ireland. They grade, pack & distribute approximately 5 million eggs per week nationwide, with the help of 56 full-time & 16 part time staff. Company turnover for the financial year up to 2012 was €38 million. This includes eggs from all production types – Free Range, Organic, Barn & Enriched colonies- & specialty products like Omega 3 –enriched Free Range & Corn-fed Free Range. Greenfield supplies major retailers with own-branded products & pack their own brands including Greenfield, Ballyfree, Omega, Big & Jumbo & Innisfree.

Sustainability at Greenfields Foods

All Greenfield eggs come from local Irish farms that are approved by Bord Bia under the Egg Quality Assurance Scheme. The management system was further developed by certification to the BRC Global Food Standard & various retailers’ standards such as McDonalds SQMS & Tesco TFMS.

In 2006 Greenfield Foods agreed to participate in the STEM project – Sustainable Together through Environmental Management. This was a two year project, part financed by the European Union’s INTERREG IVA Cross Border Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body. It was designed to work with 220 businesses across 11 cross border Council areas to help identify cost savings in Energy, Waste and Water. The Projects aim was to save a business on average £2,850/€3,420*per annum. This aim was achieved. Introduction to ETI base code & customer’s ethical code of conduct incorporated ethical trading into the system & environmental management aspects were certified first as BS8555 & then developed in 2012 to the ISO-14001 standard. As part of this, there have been reductions in energy usage through efficiency of 30% over 3 years from 2007 to 2010.

Greenfield put a Sustainability Charter in place in 2012, under the responsibility of the Directors, which was composed by an internal cross-functional team, working in conjunction with an EHS consultant. As Siobhan McKenna, QA & Environmental Manager explains: ‘It is only through setting targets & measuring progress that you turn sustainability from a fluffy notion into a concrete set of targets and actions’.

Origin Green Membership

Greenfield’s credentials & ambitions in sustainability make it an ideal candidate to be an Origin Green member. Origin Green is a voluntary sustainability development programme initiated by Bord Bia – the Irish food board – that demonstrates the commitment of the Irish Food & drink industry to operating sustainability. At the heart of Origin Green is a sustainability charter, requiring participants to engage directly with the challenges of sustainability: reducing energy inputs, minimizing their overall carbon footprint & lessening their impact on the environment. It is the world’s first national sustainability standard aimed at building the credentials of the Irish food & drink sector as a worldwide sustainability leader.

Key Strategic Objectives

Greenfield Foods ambition & vision is to be recognized as one of Ireland’s leading sustainable companies. It seeks to balance business activities that benefit stakeholders, customers & employees with improving the quality of community life & helping to conserve natural resources. The focus will be continuous improvement, seeking to increase stakeholder value, engaging in programmes with real impact & acting as responsible stewards for the environment.

Greenfield has identified specific areas of focus, including energy usage, renewable energy, biodiversity, animal welfare, people & charity. In addition, Greenfield will partner with suppliers who have strong sustainability credentials & programmes. The baseline for the plan is 2012 & the time frame is 2013 to 2015.

There will be on-going measurement against all targets & reports issued on a weekly or monthly basis as suitable. Directors, John Mohan & Gerard Caulfield sum up the approach, when they say: ‘Greenfields Foods understands the importance of working in harmony with our environment. As the leading suppliers of eggs in Ireland, we are striving to make sustainability integral to everything we do’

Sustainability Targets

There are two poultry production units, which automatically transfer eggs via conveyer belts to the packing centre. The poultry units are only in their infancy in terms of yearly production & power generated so the first year of the plan will obtain base-line data. The processes on the Packing Centre site can be broken down into 4 areas – receipt of eggs, grading, packing & distribution. Specific targets include a reduction in energy usage by 10% by the end of 2015, versus baseline 2012. This is a stretch target in light of previous energy savings made but Greenfield has identified specific efficiency opportunities within the packing centre. In addition, they will investigate the possibility of reducing non-renewable energy usage by using hen manure from on-site houses in a biomass burner.

Greenfield has aims to create a wildflower meadow around the Packing Centre to promote local biodiversity. As Peter Lynch, Farm Auditor & Environmental Assistant explains;

‘Wildflowers need to be actively grown to ensure our future health & wellbeing. They attract beneficial insects, which in turn help fertilise our crops & feed other wildlife. Corn marigold & cornflowers are needed by hoverflies; Field scabious is loved by adult butterflies; Birdsfoot trefoil is great for bumblebees & butterflies. This is a very symbiotic relationship & with a little bit of management, a beautiful meadow will thrive & a healthy balanced ecosystem can be maintained’.

Animal welfare has been improved by a €15m investment in developing & converting cages to Enriched Cages. There will be further development of Omega 3 enhanced eggs where hens are fed a diet of flax seeds or fish oils. The Corn Feed product has 45% maize fed hens & has an enriched flavour as a result.

Greenfield will also set up ‘working groups’ of egg suppliers by the end of June 2013 with the aim of communicating & collaborating on plans to deliver long term sustainability. They will set up & promote a ‘cycle to work’ scheme by end of June 2013 & increase donations of eggs to charities by 50% between 2012 & 2015. Gerard Caulfield explains ‘we appreciate the importance of developing and further enhancing our sustainability approach. There has been a lot done with a lot more to do’

Benefits of Origin Green Membership

Consumers & retailers are increasingly demanding more sustainable food & drink products. By becoming Origin Green members, companies can demonstrate to their key stakeholders that they are serious about becoming sustainability leaders & are willing to manage resources sustainably. It provides a platform for companies to align their strategies with an overarching Origin Green sustainability charter, to measure progress & to communicate in relation to their sustainability credentials. Origin Green is being marketed to trade customers across the globe to signal quality sustainably produced food from Ireland, stimulating the sustainable development & growth of the Irish food & drink industry


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