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Heineken®, Heineken® Light, Orchard Thieves Cider, Orchard Thieves Light, Desperados, Tiger, Coors Light, Foster's, Murphy’s, Murphy's Irish Red, Beamish Stout, Cute Hoor, Cute Hoor Red Head, Sol, Affligem, Paulaner, Paulaner Non-Alcoholic, Moretti, Zywiec and Warka.

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Beer and cider. Built on a proud brewing heritage, HEINEKEN Ireland is committed to devising innovative new products, as well as premium brand experiences.

HEINEKEN Ireland, started in Cork over 160 years ago, is built on a proud brewing heritage.

To this day, it continues to engage consumers and customers alike with innovative new products and premium brand experiences.

With an extensive portfolio, HEINEKEN Ireland employs approximately 400 people across the country. One hundred per cent of its draught beer brewed in Our Lady’s Well Brewery uses Irish malted barley. It is a major supporter of Irish agriculture, sourcing 100% of its malted barley from Irish farmers.

HEINEKEN Ireland combines a love for its craft, a passion for doing things right, and a commitment to the responsible consumption of its products to deliver sustainable future growth.

Key Sustainability Commitments

HEINEKEN Ireland’s ambition is to Brew a Better World from Barley to Bar, respecting people and planet as they grow their business. HEINEKEN Ireland is 100% committed to supporting their local communities, their employees, their customers and their industry. The company focus on 6 key areas where they and their stakeholders believe that they can make the biggest impact. These are:

  1. Protecting Water Resources
  2. Reducing CO₂ Emissions
  3. Sustainable Sourcing
  4. Advocating Responsible Consumption
  5. Promoting Health and Safety
  6. Growing with our Communities

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Protecting Water Resources – Water is an important part of HEINEKEN Ireland’s products. It’s needed to grow crops and to brew: beer is, after all, 95% water. Today, less than 1% of the world’s water is both accessible and drinkable, which means we have a huge responsibility to protect this vital resource. HEINEKEN Ireland are doing everything they can to protect water and use it as efficiently as possible. Managing, treating and reducing water consumption is a high priority for the company. HEINEKEN Ireland is one of the most water efficient breweries in the global HEINEKEN group.
  • Sourcing Sustainably – As global demand for food continues to grow, responsible agriculture and sourcing have never been more important. The company aims to operate in a way that improves the quality of life for local individuals and communities, helps the environment and ensures a consistent supply of our raw materials. At HEINEKEN Ireland, a strategic focus remains to support local farmers and suppliers, which in turn generates employment and has a positive economic impact. The company source 100% of our malted barley from 750 Irish farmers. 100% of our suppliers have signed and were compliant with the principles expressed in the Supplier Code.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Reducing CO₂ Emissions – CO₂ emissions directly contribute to climate change and cause temperatures and sea levels to rise. This in turn has an impact on the availability and cost of raw materials and other resources. The company have set ambitious targets to cut the amount of energy used in brewing, cooling, and distribution. HEINEKEN Ireland are also working with their suppliers to reduce emissions in the design and production of their packaging, and you’ll find a recycle message on all their secondary packaging.
  • Reducing CO₂ Emissions in Production – For many years, the company have been focusing on how they can cut the amount of energy they use in the brewing process. The company aims to reduce their global CO₂ emissions in production by 40% by 2020. This goal will be achieved in a number of ways, including investing in the brewery to make it as energy and water efficient as it can be.
  • Reduce CO₂ Emissions in Cooling – The beers are cooled in fridges and draught equipment. The company makes sure all their branded fridges comply with their green cooling policy. In the On Trade the company are working with their suppliers to develop and trial best in class draught equipment technology.
  • Optimising Distribution – Reducing kilometres driven, improving fuel efficiency and switching to other modes of transport – the company aims to reduce their CO₂ emissions in distribution by 20% in Europe and by 10% in Ireland by 2020. The company will achieve this in HEINEKEN Ireland by working on their distribution activities and improving their route to market.

Social Sustainability

  • Advocating Responsible Consumption – Beer is a natural product enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people around the world. For most adults it is, and can be, part of a healthy balanced lifestyle when consumed in moderation. HEINEKEN has a long history of encouraging responsible consumption and they take this role seriously. For the company the goal is to make moderate, responsible consumption aspirational. The company knows that when brands communicate directly, the message resonates more strongly with consumers. The vast majority of people enjoy the company’s products responsibly. However, there are still too many people who don’t. There are clear health and behavioural risks associated with consuming too much alcohol, either over time or on single occasions. For some occasions and some people, it is better not to drink at all. Harmful drinking is damaging not just to the individuals themselves and the people around them, but to the industry, society, and the company’s reputation. HEINEKEN also realise that alcohol abuse is a complex societal issue without simple solutions or a one-size-fits-all approach. It requires more than producers simply taking action. It demands a concerted approach from multiple players. Governments, NGOs, consumer groups, police forces, legislators, retailers, hotel, bar and restaurant owners and community groups – all have a valuable role to play in encouraging responsible consumption.
  • Growing with Communities – The company’s business brings them into close contact with thousands of consumers and stakeholders daily. Where the company has the opportunity to help communities prosper, they do so. Its good business and it can support them in the long-term. HEINEKEN Ireland’s focus is on seeking long-term community investments through partnerships that are aligned with their business and sustainability agenda. The company actively support communities in the field of alcohol misuse, education, employment, social welfare and the arts. Significant contributions are also made to local tourism through profile building, support to local public houses, festival and sports sponsorship, many of which are conducted in local communities throughout Ireland.

Unique Selling Points

Heineken Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading beer and cider companies, displaying a long tradition of success and sustainability.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Top Employer Award
  • Marketing Team of the Year 2016

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