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Product Range
Irish Smoked Herring in Sunflower Oil, Irish Smoked Herring in Brine, Irish Steamed Herring in Tomato Sauce, Irish Steamed Herring in Mustard & Dill, Irish Smoked Peppered Mackerel in Sunflower Oil, Irish Smoked Mackerel in Sunflower Oil, Irish Smoked Mackerel in Brine and Irish Steamed Mackerel in Tomato Sauce.

Specialists In
Premium quality canned herring and mackerel products.



Irish Fish Canners represents the very best in fish canning. With 40 years experience in the business, it is 100% family-owned and run.

The company is the largest and sole fish canning facility in Ireland. Located along the Wild Atlantic Way, it is in close proximity to Ireland’s premier deep-sea fishing port, Killybegs. Its unique location ensures access to the world’s finest fish.

As a result of added value, the business has now evolved into a major canned seafood provider to a number of world-class leading brands in global markets. John West has been its biggest customer for more than 35 years.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Reduce fish waste by 30% by 2018 by adding additional clauses into their fish purchasing specs, therefore reducing the amount of waste that can be tolerated.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Reduce water use by 15% by 2018.
  • Reduce oil use by 12% by 2017.
  • Work to create alternative energy sources through waste treatment.

Social Sustainability

  • Engage with the local community through festivals and through sponsoring local projects and events.
  • Engage with local schools to provide site visits to students.
  • Reduce levels of salt, sugar and sunflower oil across the range of products.

Unique Selling Points

All produce comes from premier quality fish; butterfly fillets of mackerel (Scomber scombrus) and herring (Clupea harengus).

The end products are naturally smoked or steamed before being hand packed and are ready to eat hot or cold, with no gills, fins or bones.

All items are high in Omega 3 fish oils and all of Irish Fish Canner’s ambient products have a minimum three-year shelf life.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Great Taste Awards 2016/2017
  • BRC Grade A
  • FDA
  • MSC
  • Love Irish Food

Case Study

Sustainability headlines

  • Target to reduce fish waste by 30% over the next 3 years
  • Plans to increase to 75% the use of recyclable outer packaging
  • 12% energy reduction target by 2018


Proiseail (An Clochan Liath) Teoranta, trading as Irish Fish Canners, was established in 1977 and is the largest and only fish canning facility in Ireland.

Who we are

Located in Dungloe, Co. Donegal in the north-west coast of Ireland, Irish Fish Canners is a 100% family owned and run business, which operates from a state of the art 3,500 sq. ft. production facility equipped with two production lines, and employing 40 full-time staff. The company offers a wide array of premium products from herring, mackerel and trout from its BRC grade A accredited facility.

Close proximity to Ireland’s largest premier deep-sea fishing port, Killybegs, guarantees a high-quality fish supply throughout the year, with the ideal fat content for the canning process. The company supplies private label contracts and offers a wide array of packaging formats to suit constantly changing market trends. The company aims to increase turnover by 30% by 2018.

Our sustainability credentials

Irish Fish Canners embarked on an efficiency review in 2013 generating significant reductions in energy, fish waste and carbon footprint. Investment in its round-can production line has allowed for considerable improvements in labour, energy and material costs as well as reductions in waste. The company is introducing a Lean Transformation programme in early 2015, supported by Enterprise Ireland.

In keeping with its sea to shelf philosophy, Irish Fish Canners robustly tests its systems for forward and backward traceability and conducts annual audits of suppliers. Irish Fish Canners is compliant with the Marine Stewardship Council and all fish is sourced from sustainable fishing zones (FAO 27) within the cold clear water of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Origin Green in action

Irish Fish Canners’ participation in Origin Green will see the development of an informal Environmental Management System and the implementation of sustainability targets in the areas of raw material sourcing, manufacturing, social sustainability and health and nutrition. In terms of raw material sourcing, the main area of focus is the grading of the fish from suppliers. Obtaining the correct sized fish ensures waste is dramatically reduced and the target is to reduce fish waste by 30% over a three-year period. Strong partner relationships with suppliers are central to this.

A change in can formats in the production facility will generate significant savings and ensure a more competitively priced product. In terms of packaging, the company is aiming to increase to 75% the use of recyclable outer (biodegradable) packaging by 2018, from a baseline of 2014, and will work with fish suppliers to increase deliveries in recyclable boxes.

Irish Fish Canners conducted a full SEAI audit in November 2014, which will facilitate the company’s goal of a 12% energy reduction target by 2018. A key aim is to reduce oil consumption by 10% over a three year period, by upgrading to a more modern and efficient boiler. The company is also investigating the cost and savings associated with moving to solar power.

In order to help sustain its water supply, Irish Fish Canners is reviewing the possibility of drilling for its own water well and is conducting a feasibility study for rainwater harvesting. The Lean Transformation programme will be pivotal to Re-visioning the entire approach to water usage.

Social responsibility

Irish Fish Canners is currently the second largest employer in the local community and, recognising the loyalty of its staff over the years, is introducing a reward and recognition culture within the business. The company also plans to engage regularly in the local community by participating in festivals and local projects. The company will introduce an innovative shop/cafe whereby the local community and visitors can explore the history of the business and directly buy from the shop at discounted prices, once they become members of its club. It will also increase educational links with the local community school.

What we’re doing better

The company is constantly exploring ways to improve its products without compromising on taste. Goals around health and nutrition for Origin Green include: 5% reduction in salt by 2017; 5% reduction in sugar for sauce-based products by 2017; 5% reduction in sunflower oil by 2017; and the introduction of IQF ingredients for its new herring and mackerel products.

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