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"Irish Mushrooms – fresh, loose, Irish Mushrooms – pre-packed, Irish Mushrooms – sliced, Exotic Mushroom Selections, Organic Mushrooms

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Growing and packing an array of mushrooms.




Kerrigan’s Mushrooms is a family farm based just outside the historic town of Kells, Co. Meath. John Kerrigan established the farm in 1981 and it still remains a family-run farm to this day.

Kerrigan’s Mushrooms grows and packs all of its own produce and its dedicated team work towards exceptional quality standards in order to deliver the best products.

Retailers include Tesco, Musgraves – SuperValu, Centra, Aldi, and independent retailers and wholesalers.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Today, Kerrigan’s Mushrooms is one of Ireland’s leading producers of mushrooms, and the first mushroom grower to obtain Origin Green Status for Sustainability Credentials.

Raw Material Sourcing

  • 50% of raw material suppliers to provide sustainability certification.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Increase dry recycling rates by 35%.
  • Reduce energy consumption by 15% per pound of mushrooms produced.
  • To restore and establish a native hedgerow as a biodiversity corridor.

Social Sustainability

  • Continue sponsorship of local football team, Cortown .
  • Increase Charity Donations by 5% year on year based on 2013 levels.

Unique Selling Points

John Kerrigan has been growing mushrooms for over 30 years and his daughter Karen is also part of the Kerrigan’s team. Together, they are extending the product range, sharing consumer and shopper knowledge, and developing recipes for the tastiest mushroom dishes.

All mushrooms are picked and packed on the farm on the same day before they sold to retailers in Ireland.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Bord Bia Mushroom Grower of the Year
  • BRC

Case Study

Sustainability headlines

  • Annual kerosene consumption reduced by almost 70% over two years.
  • Approximately 96% of production waste recycled.
  • 50% of raw material suppliers to provide sustainability certification by 2016.


Mushroom production represents the largest individual sector within the Irish horticulture industry, worth approximately €100 million annually, and Irish mushrooms account for some 50% of supply to the UK retail market. Kerrigan’s Irish Mushrooms, based in Kells, Co. Meath was established in 1981; since then, the company has been supplying the Irish retail market with quality mushrooms. This quality was recognised by Bord Bia in 2010 with the awarding of ‘Mushroom Grower of the Year’ to the Kerrigan operation.

Who we are

Headed by John Kerrigan, Kerrigan’s Irish Mushrooms is a family-run enterprise employing over 80 full-time staff; the company produces over 40 tonnes of quality mushrooms each week at their state-of-art eco-friendly facility. According to John, “sustainability and quality are two of our most important business principles; since starting the business over 30 years ago, we have never compromised on these values. Our Origin Green status reinforces our core beliefs, and has become a guiding force within our business”.

The business operates as two companies: Athgaine Mushrooms Ltd, the growing division and Goldshield Products (Foods) Ltd, the packhouse and marketing company. Approximately 95% of mushrooms are produced on site with the remainder sourced from approved facilities locally. It is proposed to construct two new 48 metre mushroom houses in 2015 to increase productivity and reduce costs. Full traceability on all produce is guaranteed by the company and, for its organic range, all products are certified by the Soil Association.

Our sustainability credentials

Sustainability has always been integral to Kerrigan’s; in this regard, the company has invested considerably in improving its energy efficiency and carbon footprint over the last few years. In 2013, following the installation of a 900 kW wood chip biomass boiler, annual kerosene consumption was reduced by almost 70%, from 248,959 litres to 75,080 litres. CO2 emissions fell by 528 tonnes per year as a result, representing a decrease, per pound of product, from 0.246 Kg CO2 to 0.109 Kg CO2. Meanwhile, the introduction of LED floodlights has reduced electricity consumption by 60% per bulb.

Approximately 96% of waste generated through mushroom production is recycled by the company, with waste compost reused on surrounding farm lands. Approximately 12 tonnes of cardboard and 13 tonnes of plastic are recycled each year. An onsite bore well reduces reliance on mains water and as the company grows and water consumption increases, water management will be incorporated into sustainability planning.

Origin Green in action

Led by Marketing and Quality Manager Karen Kerrigan, Origin Green will see Kerrigan’s Mushrooms deliver on a range of specific targets between 2013 and 2017, with 2012 representing the base year.

Target areas for action include raw material sourcing; manufacturing; waste reduction; and social responsibility.

  • In the area of raw material sourcing, the company aims to have 50% of raw material suppliers providing sustainability certification by 2016. All suppliers will have completed a sustainability questionnaire to assist them in establishing their own environmental baseline and 20 key suppliers will participate in a best practice visit to inform their actions.
  • Kerrigan’s will seek to reduce energy consumption by 10% per pound of mushrooms produced by the end of 2016 representing a total reduction of some 361,000 kWh annually.
  • Total waste generated per pound of mushroom will be reduced by 20% by 2016; with dry recycling rates increasing by 20% in the same timeframe.
  • Waste to landfill per pound of mushroom will fall by 60% by 2016.

Karen adds “as a company, we are all striving towards the achievement of our Origin Green targets; these have now become part of our business culture and means of operating. Not only are we being extremely conscious of our social responsibility, we are also constantly reducing our costs. We are proud to be the only mushroom producer in Ireland to have been awarded the Origin Green status.

Social responsibility

By giving back to the community, Kerrigan’s Mushrooms seeks to play its part in fostering a healthy environment for young people. Community support projects focus on youth and sport, including sponsorship of the local football team and financial supports for the local cycling club, local school and other local initiatives. A key target is to increase charity donations by 5% year-on-year, based on 2013 levels.

What we’re doing better

Through the informal Environmental Management System we have developed, inputs from all functional areas of the organisation allow us to focus on the monitoring and measuring of utilities, production figures and the progress of our sustainability initiatives. By encouraging staff to engage with, contribute and implement the sustainability plan we are driving positive change in the organisation and within our local community.



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