Mc Bride Fishing

Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background


Product Range
Live Brown Crab (Cancer Pagurus)

Specialists In
Catching & Supplying Live Brown Crab

McBride Fishing company is a family run, vertically integrated company based in Downings, County Donegal, Ireland.

The company operates three state-of-the-art “Vivier Crabbers” in the 18-26m range. These purpose built vessels are fitted with the latest automated on board working systems to ensure an efficient crab catching operation.

​McBride Fishing is highly focused on the continuous all year-round supply of high quality crab to European and Worldwide markets. The company supplies processed and live crab markets and liaises regularly with customers to ensure that market demands are met.

McBride Fishing continually strive to develop and improve the business for the crew, for customers and to contribute to the development of the fishing industry in Ireland.

​The boats generally fish grounds in North and West Coast of Ireland and the North Sea – fishing grounds between 20 and 150 miles offshore – and bring in approximately 40 tonnes of crab per week (2,000 + tonnes per year).

McBride Fishing are committed to the continued future of crab fishing in Ireland and ensuring sustainable stocks through innovation and dedication to quality.

Key Sustainability Commitments

• Ensuring all its fishing fleet are certified under BIM RSS.
• Support fishery sustainability through membership of the Irish Brown Crab FIP.
• Reducing energy consumption where possible.
• Reducing waste per company waste management plan.

Raw Materials Sourcing:

McBride Fishing continue to ensure all raw materials are sourced to highest possible sustainability criteria.

Manufacturing Processes:

Reduce electricity use in the company’s office space,
develop a waste management plan and contribute to biodiversity in the local area through the development of greenspace.

Social Sustainability:

McBride Fishing continuously support local social activities and developments.



Unique Selling Points

Ireland’s leading supplier of Live Brown Crab – Cancer Pagurus

Awards & Accreditations

All of McBride Fishings vessels – Amy Jane II, Heather Jane II, Peadar Elaine II are certified to the BIM Responsibly Sourced Seafood standard. This ensures that 100% of raw material supplied by McBride Fishing is now certified.

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