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Sustainability headlines

  • 100% of process run-off, surface and building rainfall captured and re-
  • used on compost sites over the period of the plan.
  • 17% energy reduction, per tonne of mushrooms produced, between 2008 and 2013.
  • Waste to landfill to be reduced by 20% by 2019.


Monaghan Mushrooms was founded in 1981 to process canned and jarred mushrooms for European markets. In 1986, the company entered the fresh mushroom market and today is one of the top 20 agri-businesses in Ireland.

Who we are

Monaghan Mushrooms is one of the world’s largest and most progressive fresh mushroom companies. The company supplies a full range of top quality fresh mushrooms to leading national and international retailers in the UK, Ireland and further afield.

With headquarters in Tyholland, Co. Monaghan, the company currently employs 800 staff in the Republic of Ireland and produces mainly for the export market. Monaghan Mushrooms grows 285 tonnes of mushrooms each week from their three Irish farms and also produces over 3,270 tonnes of mushroom substrate each week in their two Irish compost facilities.

Our sustainability credentials

Monaghan Mushrooms strives to incorporate sustainability into all avenues of its business, as reflected in its environmental policy, environmental management systems and farm manuals. Many projects, on different scales, have been undertaken over the years to limit and reduce the impact of production on the environment.

Environmental sustainability initiatives in the area of mushroom substrate production include actions around odour management, water management and energy management. Outputs include the harvesting of 100% of surface and building rainfall, the capture of 100% of process run-off water, and an 11% energy reduction, per tonne of substrate produced, in 2013 against the 2008 baseline figure.

All the company’s Irish farms are certified across a range of sustainability standards and utilise the most energy efficient heating, cooling and lighting systems, achieving a 17% energy reduction, per tonne of mushrooms produced in 2013, against the 2008 baseline figure.

In the area of mushroom packing, as a result of a number of energy reduction initiatives, the company achieved a 14% energy reduction per tonne of mushrooms packed in 2013, against 2008 baseline levels.

Origin Green in action

All Monaghan Mushrooms’ Irish sites fall within the scope of the company’s Origin Green five-year sustainability plan.

Monaghan Mushrooms is working with its raw material supplier to develop more sustainable packaging material. It aims to increase the percentage of paper packaging on products to 10%; thereby reducing the volume of plastic being used and to lighten the weight of the plastic punnets from 16g to 14g. The company’s R&D department is also investigating the re-use of peat in the growing process that could reduce the volume of ‘new’ peat used by 33%. In manufacturing, the company is also working to reduce waste to landfill by 20% by 2019.

Monaghan Mushrooms has invested heavily in actions to reduce energy usage and the company’s target, as part of Origin Green, is to reduce energy usage by a further 2.5% across its Irish sites and to improve diesel efficiency on fresh mushroom collection lorries by 7.5% by 2019.

Social responsibility

The company strives to achieve and maintain a high standard of operation in the areas of health and nutrition, employee wellbeing and support and interaction with the community. In 2011, a new internal magazine, MM News, was launched to enhance communications among all employees. The company’s graduate programme recruits new talent into the business, but also creates opportunities for graduates to enter the broader workforce in a very effective and transitional manner.

Monaghan Mushrooms and its employees place huge emphasis on the importance of fundraising within the community. As part of its Origin Green targets, the company’s target is to maintain the annual amount of monetary donations made to charities over the period of their plan.

What we’re doing better

As a company, Monaghan Mushrooms aims are multiple when it comes to biodiversity. It is looking to:

  • lessen the impact of its developments, operations and processes on wildlife;
  • promote habitat and species conservation;
  • educate and encourage awareness of the environmental benefits to be had by maintaining ecosystems;
  • highlight the beauty, serenity and fun that nature has to offer.


The company will conduct an ecological survey across all its Irish sites to establish a biodiversity baseline and to outline the progress already made with its biodiversity initiatives. They are excited at the prospect of further developing biodiversity actions and exploring projects such as biodiversity gardens, wildlife corridors, bird sanctuaries, wildflower patches and insect hotels.

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