NPD Bia Teo

Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background

Bakery, Dairy

Product Range
Pizza Mixes, Wrap Mixes, Muffin & Cake Mix, Bagel Mix, Bread Mixes, Bread Shelf Life Extender, Cake Shelf Life Extender and Infant Milk Formula.

Specialists In
Bespoke gluten and allergen-free blends for the baking industry, plus dairy-based nutritional products for all age groups.



NPD Bia Teo, trading as INNO V Food Solutions, is an Irish food company focused on the development of innovative food solutions to address the challenges and opportunities of the food industry.

The company has combined the knowledge of food scientists, technologists and bakers to develop a range of speciality blends including gluten-free bakery blends, enzyme blends and dairy-based nutrition products.

These products have been successfully used and examples are currently on supermarket shelves in Ireland, UK, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia.

The gluten-free bakery products are mostly business-to-business products which are sold to bakeries in Ireland, UK and Germany.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Reduce the number of less container load shipments and air freighting, and have 75% of purchases supplied by full container load by 2021.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Source 100% of paper and cardboard packaging used in the office from FSC or PEFC materials.

Social Sustainability

  • Increase portfolio of existing products/blends with reduced salt content and higher fibre for balanced nutrition.

Unique Selling Points

NPD Bia Teo has over 30 years’ experience in food and process technology, nutrition and engineering.

This enables it to tailor formulations and recipes to its customers’ particular manufacturing process, equipment and specification.

It has worked with a wide range of technologists, scientists and bakers to help devise innovative blends for the gluten-free market.

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