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Business Background


Product Range
Bagged Basil (20-30g, 50g,100g,1kg ), Bagged Chives (20-30g, 50g,100g,1kg ), Bagged Coriander (20-30g, 50g,100g,1kg ), Bagged Dill (20-30g, 50g,100g,1kg ), Bagged Flat Parsley (20-30g, 50g,100g,1kg ), Bagged Mint (20-30g, 50g,100g,1kg ), Bagged Parsley (20-30g, 50g,100g,1kg ), Bagged Rosemary (20-30g, 50g,100g,1kg ), Bagged Sage (20-30g, 50g,100g,1kg ), Bagged Thyme (20-30g, 50g,100g,1kg ), Bunched Coriander (50g, 80g,100g,1kg ), Bunched Flat Parsley (50g, 80g,100g,1kg ), Bunched Parsley & Thyme (50g, 80g,100g,1kg) , Growing Basil – 10.5cm round pot sleeved boxed • Growing Coriander – 10.5cm round pot sleeved boxed , Growing Mint – 10.5cm round pot sleeved boxed , Growing Parsley – 10.5cm round pot sleeved boxed , Growing Rosemary – 10.5cm round pot sleeved boxed , Growing Chives – 10.5cm round pot sleeved boxed , Growing Thyme – 10.5cm round pot sleeved boxed , Growing Dill & Sage – 10.5cm round pot sleeved boxed

Specialists In
The farming of fresh cut herbs to the Irish market

O’Hanlon Herbs have specialised in potted herb growing and the farming of fresh cut herbs since 1988. Its operation consists of modern growing glasshouses for year-round pot herb production, plus a cut herb pack house in Glenealy, Co. Wicklow.

The herb enterprise started small but has grown steadily, increasing its production capabilities. The company has developed throughout the years by putting customer satisfaction and experience with its fresh herbs at the core of everything it does.

In season, O’Hanlon Herbs grows Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme approved Irish cut herbs, while out of season it sources from quality approved suppliers abroad. All of its herb products go through rigorous agronomic checks and are food safety audited to BRC standard. It packages its selection of fresh herbs on site in Wicklow, using bespoke herb packaging to ensure optimal freshness.

Key Sustainability Commitments

O’Hanlon Herbs are proud to be a member of the Origin Green programme, which is a commitment to operate sustainably – in terms of emissions, energy conservation, water management and biodiversity. The company are meeting this commitment through a variety of their own initiatives.

Raw Material Sourcing

Maintain 100% cut herbs seasonally grown from Bord Bia Quality Assured/Global Gap standard, and specifically extend the season and percentage volume of Irish herbs to replace imports from current 35% in 2015 to 55% of volume of 2021.

Manufacturing Processes

A targeted percentage reduction in electricity overall light usage in glasshouses potentially using LED lights at the early stage of production.

Social Sustainability

Constructing a herb garden at the local school to educate on natural flavouring, cooking at home, maintaining a garden. Allowing for sowing, planting, harvesting and maintenance by the students with help and backup in terms of seeds and planting material from O’Hanlon Herbs. This is a committed annual project and support structure

Unique Selling Points

O’Hanlon Herbs takes pride in its countryside location in Glenealy, set in the heart of the Garden of Ireland, Wicklow. It is involved in various sustainability projects and aims to operate as an environmentally-friendly business.

Its primary goal is to produce fresh products economically to create the greatest value for the customers. Its philosophy is to invest in employees and production to consistently deliver quality products to customers.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Best Medium Size Business – Wicklow Chamber Business Awards 2013
  • BRC
  • Tesco Food

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