Oliver Carty

Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background


Product Range
Bacon (Primal, Pre-Pack, Ready To Cook & Value Added Options), Traditional Wet Cure Bacon, Dry Cure Bacon, Pale Bacon, Traditional Smoke Chamber Bacon, Reduced/Low Salt Bacon, Organic & Free Range Bacon, Bespoke Cure Rashers, Pale Rashers, Smoked Rashers, Convenience Rashers, Pork (Primal & Pre-Pack), Value Add Range (Marinades, Stuffings, Rubs & Spices) and Flavoured Butters.

Specialists In
Curing and producing bacon, pork and beef in a variety of forms – fresh and cooked. The company supplies retailer-branded, own brand products and added-value ingredients.

Oliver Carty is built on a foundation of strong family values and fosters a business ethos of honesty, trust and reputation. Its philosophy is to form long-standing relationships with customers and partners, while ensuring top service levels.

As a leading pork and bacon processing specialist, Oliver Carty has the capability and capacity to process a wide and varied range of pork and bacon products – as high volume everyday lines or bespoke premium products.

It continually invests in and upgrades its operations, so that it has the most efficient and effective manufacturing processes.

Key Sustainability Commitments

In becoming a member of Origin Green in 2013 Oliver Carty made sustainable commitments in key areas of the business, including: Targeted reduction of energy usage, Targeted water reduction, Origin Green sourced Raw Materials, Waste & Packaging reduction as well as numerous other initiatives in the areas of Nutrition, Emissions and the local community. The original commitments made by Oliver Carty have been expanded since our original membership and all current targets are monitored, reported and audited annually as part of our membership to ensure that that Oliver Carty are progressing the commitments made as part of our Membership of Origin Green.

Raw Material Sourcing

Oliver Carty have targeted to source a minimum of 80% of its raw material intakes from verified Origin Green members . This is the company’s way of actively promoting the Origin Green programme to suppliers both new and existing that they deal with.

Manufacturing Processes

Reductions targeted in the areas of energy use, water use and waste to landfill.

Unique Selling Points

Oliver Carty was the first Irish processor to use DNA traceback on pigmeat to give the ultimate assurance to the consumer. The DNA TraceBack Programme is a scientific means of guaranteeing the Irish origins of pigmeat, whether its fresh or processed.

Oliver Carty was at the forefront of bringing a self-venting, ovenable film for pork and bacon products to the European marketplace. The constant vent pressure provides for even steam release during the cooking process; meaning the meat cooks uniformly, enhancing its texture and flavour.

The company was also the first to market with Darfresh (skinpack) packaging for pork and bacon and the first to utilise this packaging as a multi-product pack.

In addition, it led the way when it came to naturally cured rashers. Instead of using conventional preservatives to cure bacon, it developed a bespoke cure using a natural celery, sea salt and sugar blend to achieve the particular colour and taste that consumers love.

Awards & Accreditations

Winner of innumerable awards over the last four years, including several Great Taste Awards (plus a Golden Fork for its smoked rack of bacon), Blas Na hÉireann Awards, Best New Organic Food Product 2013, Athlone Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year 2017, SuperValu Irish Food Producer Awards, Irish Times New Innovator 2012, Pork Agribusiness of the Year 2015, and more.

Accreditations: BRC Grade AA, Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine Licensed Plant Number IE 784 EC, Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA) License Number 5541, Bord Bia Approved under the Bord Bia Meat Processor Quality Assurance Scheme

Case Study

Sustainability Headlines

  • Reduction of energy consumption through the amalgamation of two production plants
  • Reduction of water usage in both plants
  • Sourcing in excess of 80% of all raw materials from Origin Green Approved Suppliers

Who We Are

Located in Athlone, Oliver Carty is one of Ireland’s largest pork and bacon suppliers. We pride ourselves in offering top quality retailer branded and own branded products. Established in the 1950s by the late Oliver Carty the company is now owned and managed by Oliver’s son Ted.

At Oliver Carty we believe in excellence. Quality is at the center of everything we do. Supplying quality pork and bacon products is a tradition for us; we’ve been doing it for over 50 years. Supporting Irish famers, Irish jobs and the local community is part of our roots and underpins how we do business.

Our plants are licensed by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, our plant number is IE 784 EC. Our plants are registered with and a member of the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme. We are accredited to the Global Standard for Food Safety and we are a certified member of the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association.

We continue to champion innovation in all of our products and testament to this are the prestigious awards we have won including the Great Taste, “Best Irish Specialty” better known as a “Golden Fork” which is one of the highest accolades a company can win in the food industry.

Our Sustainability Credentials

Oliver Carty’s sustainability credentials are varied from our Green team, who champion and celebrate sustainability, to our Green Award nominations.

As a business we are committed to providing better and more sustainable solutions throughout our day to day operations and decision making. Our commitment to sustainable practices underpins how we conduct our business and how we can have a positive influence at every stage of the production chain. Benchmarking ourselves against our peers is an important part of how we measure our performance and continually challenge ourselves to innovate and improve in the area of sustainability.

Recognising the importance of reducing our environmental impact has been an important part of our business for many years. Prior to Origin Green, Oliver Carty conducted a “Lean Review” in conjunction with key stakeholders that resulted in significant reductions in raw material waste. The outcome of that review was:

  • A switch to reusable packaging from raw material suppliers
  • Reusable plastic crates for customers
  • Use of pooled pallets
  • Use of recyclable cardboard dolav containers for imported products

Our commitment to sustainable practices has been recognised through the Green Awards where we were finalists in three categories. The Green Awards acknowledge excellence in sustainability and best practice amongst Ireland’s leading organisations and individuals. Oliver Carty has been a member of Repak for over ten years. Our membership with Repak ensures that Oliver Carty are contributing to the ongoing achievement of Ireland’s EU packaging waste recovery and recycling targets.

What Origin Green Means To Us

Oliver Carty is delighted to have been one of the first companies to receive Origin Green membership in 2013. Origin Green provides a platform to progress Oliver Carty’s commitments at the highest level and to deliver on our ambitious sustainability goals.

“Our sustainability plan is an integral part of our overall strategic plan which integrates seamlessly into our existing business structures and processes. Our dedicated Green Team focuses on many initiatives including the reduction of our waste levels, along with championing efficient energy and water usage. Our commitment to the Origin Green programme is benefitting our local community today whilst ensuring that we are protecting resources for generations to come.” Ted Carty, Managing Director Oliver Carty

Benefits of Origin Green Membership

The benefits to Oliver Carty of having Origin Green membership are numerous. One of the key benefits that Origin Green provides us with is the opportunity to be a leader in producing high quality pork and bacon products that are sustainably produced. The targets that Oliver Carty have achieved to date prove that sustainable practices result in greater efficiency thus yielding benefits for all stakeholders in the supply chain.

Oliver Carty have embraced Origin Green membership which has afforded us the opportunity to work side by side with experts in the field of sustainability and has provided us with a credible qualification to give us a differentiating factor against competitors in both national and international markets.

What We’re Doing Better

Since our membership to Origin Green we have met our targets and implemented further initiatives as part of our Five Year Plan. Oliver Carty has a dedicated Green Team to ensure that we embed the best sustainability practices at every level within our organisation. The Green Team ensures the monitoring of our sustainability plan and promotes the progress of sustainability within the company. Our people are our strength and we continually invest in the training and skill development of our team to ensure we remain at the fore particularly around the area of sustainability.

Additional stretch targets have been identified to potentially further improve Oliver Carty’s sustainability efforts. Examples include; wind-generation, upgrading refrigeration and exploring harvesting rainwater for the end of 2015.

Sustainability is key to delivering satisfaction and long-term return to our customers, employees, community and to the business. Origin Green provides a platform to progress this commitment at the highest level and to deliver on ambitious sustainability goals.


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