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Business Background


Product Range
Oriel Magnesium & Mineral Extract as functional active in beverage, water and food. Oriel Mineral Sea Salt available as Kiln Dried, Teeling Whiskey Smoked and Natural supplied to food service, manufacturing and retail. Oriel Cardio Revive Magnesium & Mineral Drops (Dietary supplement), Oriel Femme Revive Magnesium & Mineral Drops (Dietary supplement), Oriel Magnesium Gel for Joints & Muscles, Oriel Magnesium Gel for Dry Skin

Specialists In
Magnesium and Marine Minerals in "Free Ion" liquid form as a science proven functional ingredient in beverage, water and food. Natural Sea Salt as an ingredient, fine grain and powerful taste profile which allows up to 25% sodium reduction.

Oriel Marine Extracts began life as Oriel Sea Salt Co in 2010 founded by Brian Fitzpatrick and John Delany. Oriel harvest a very pure and natural mineral sea salt which is used by many food companies and food service providers to replace salt due to it’s lower sodium benefits and powerful taste profile. It also extracts a liquid Magnesium and Mineral complex used in Functional Drink, Beverage and food products.

In August 2016 the company became the only company in Europe  to be granted Protected Designation of Origin status (PDO) by the EU Commission for their Magnesium and Minerals along with their Sea Salt Products.

The company now exports to the UK, USA, Europe and The Middle East. Their Sea Salt is supplied to global leading companies in beverage, food and skincare while their Magnesium and Mineral extract in supplied as a Nutracuetical and Cosmocuetical ingredient to global companies in water, beverage, food and skincare with branded sales as a stand alone Dietary supplement.

The company has established their market position through globally patented technology, investment in science and research and the highest quality products in their class.

From a Sustainability perspective, Oriel extracts our countries most natural, sustainable and renewable resource, Seawater, through a patented water extraction system, to harvest products through an organic and sustainable process that has been recognised and certified by numerous bodies including, EU Commission (PDO) Organic Trust, Origin Green, Kosher, Halal, SGS and Good Food Ireland.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Achieve FSC Certification on all cardboard on packaging.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Reduce energy use per kg of production by 5%.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Reduce waste sent to landfill by 20%.
  • Use sea water to cool production systems, and investigate use of RO water with minerals for health and functional water market.
  • Reduce the use of sea water for washing out evaporators.

Social Sustainability

  • The company engages with local events, such as Taste of Togher and Boyne Valley Food Series, contributing to Boyne Valley winning “Foodie Destination of the Year 2016”.

Unique Selling Points

To Put it simply, “Oriel makes their clients products better” whether it is their Sea Salt allowing for a better taste profile with a lower sodium benefit, or their Magnesium & Mineral Extract improving cardiovascular function and nutritional absorption at a cellular level. Global Patents supported by three years of clinical research with DCU, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and studies with nine leading Universities in four countries including the European Space Agency.

Awards & Accreditations

Oriel’s accolades include an EU Commission PDO, several Great Taste Awards, a Business Excellence Award, and All Ireland Seedcorn Regional Winner award. It has been a finalist in the Dublin Maritime Awards and an SFA Finalist (three years).

Accreditations: HAACP, SGS Kosher and Halal, Organic Trust

Case Study

Sustainability headlines

  • Production based on unique low-energy system utilizing mechanical extraction and harvesting of Seawater.
  • CO2 emissions to be reduced annually, and a monthly basis.
  • Reduction or elimination of all chemicals in production.


The Oriel Sea Salt Company was established in 2010 to develop an eco-friendly and energy efficient means of harvesting sea salt.

Who we are

Oriel is located in Port Oriel, Co. Louth, in a purpose-built, organic-process approved facility, designed to food grade standards and employing strict environmental controls. Established in 2010, with initial production beginning in 2013, it employs a proprietary harvesting system based on the extraction, separation, concentration and harvesting of mineral sea salt and sea minerals for use within the food and nutracuetical sectors.

“Harvesting one of natures, and our country’s, greatest resources as our raw material has presented many challenges. But working with a resource that is fully renewable and sustainable, as well as tailoring a system to compliment that has its rewards”- Brian Fitzpatrick, Managing Director.

Our sustainability credentials

From its inception, Oriel has embraced the highest environmental credentials in extracting and harvesting Mineral Sea salt and Sea minerals. It operates an extremely clean and efficient plant, designed with sustainability at its core. The facility complies with all applicable environmental regulations and holds a foreshore license from the Department of Marine. It is also approved by the HSE as a food grade facility.

Further recognition of its sustainability credentials include; approval and certification by the Organic Trust (http://organictrust.ie/); KLBD UK Kosher (http://www.kosher.org.uk/); and Good Food Ireland (https://www.goodfoodireland.ie/), as well as approval by The European Association of Chefs.

Origin Green in action

Oriel’s participation in Origin Green centres on continued monitoring and improvements in performance. The base year is September 2013 to September 2014 and the company has incorporated the target data for Origin Green in its recording systems. Actions will be undertaken in the areas of water, energy, emissions, waste, biodiversity and CSR.

A key area of monitoring is around water intake. The company has invested significant finances and resources in state-of-the-art filtration systems, as well as ensuring incoming and outgoing water temperatures are controlled with regard to their impact on both the water evaporation process and the external environment. Continued improvements around water efficiency also include ensuring that hot water from steam is re-directed for use in the heating of the incoming water. Unused sea water returning to sea is being reduced.

“Our ultimate target is to use 98% of what we extract from the ocean and the protocols employed through our participation in Origin Green will be of great benefit in achieving this goal”

Oriel is also undertaking a range of initiatives to reduce energy and water usage as well as lowering emissions, waste and packaging outputs. The amount of CO2 emissions will be reduced annually, and assessed on a monthly basis. The company will also reduce or eliminate the use of all chemicals in production.

Social responsibility

The Oriel Sea Salt Company is extremely conscious of the impact of its activities on society and the environment, and operates a social, ethical and moral charter that reflects this. It commits to ensuring employees enjoy the benefits of secure employment with fair remuneration and offers production related bonuses in line with the company achieving its strategic objectives.

What we’re doing better

The Oriel Sea Salt Company are developing technologies that will directly impact on the different industry sectors, such as; allowing food companies to meet EU and FSAI targets and guidelines on sodium reduction through a powerful Non Oxidised Mineral Sea Salt and creating exciting new products for clients in the Food Supplement and Nutracuetical sectors. They actively seek out clients with a like-minded philosophy and business approach. By working closely with these clients as partners in industry, and by listening, understanding and taking cognisance of their needs, the company aims to continually develop and improve its products.

“Our recent partnership with DCU to develop applications for our Sea Salt and

Minerals through full scale clinical studies is the beginning of an exciting Journey”

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