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Business Background

Prepared Food

Product Range
Dairy Ice Cream, Frozen Desserts including Cheesecakes, Gateaux, Baked and 2n1 combination dairy/baked, Pastries - in different formats including preportioned round, traybakes, individual format. Coffee Accompaniments including Clean Eats.

Specialists In
Frozen Irish Dairy and Baked Desserts and Coffee Accompaniments using the pasture-fed milk from our own dairy farm.

At Coolhull Farm, it starts with where we came from…

For generations, the Murphy family have farmed the land at Coolhull, Co. Wexford under the watchtower of a 16th century castle. Here, cows contentedly graze in the rain-fresh fields and in turn, provide us with their nutrient-rich milk which we use as the core ingredient for our ice cream, our cheesecakes & mousses as well as the cake fillings and finishes for our baked desserts.

Since 1990, central to our evolution has been the passion to perfect the ingredients that make up our range of delicious Irish desserts. We make our own cream cheese and cheesecakes in our dairy and bake our own biscuits to provide the golden cheesecake crumb which makes our cheesecakes unique in taste and texture.

There’s something about creativity, innovation and making things from scratch that fits who we are. This was the approach my grandfather Arthur on the farm where working solutions were crafted from what raw materials were at hand. This is who we are and is reflected in what we do with our milk.

Our satisfaction comes from yours… we hope you enjoy our desserts knowing that they come from something real with the rich heritage of a storied past and a future full of possibility.

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Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Materials Sourcing

Reduce packaging and landfill disposal of packaging by 16% (251 tonnes) as a total of all inputs by increasing the amount of raw materials manufactured on-site.

Manufacturing Processes

Reduce energy usage by 5% per tonne of product produced over 5 year period 2018 – 2021.

Social Sustainability

Introduce staff development initiatives to enable higher quality employment opportunities in the local community.

Unique Selling Points

Where great taste comes naturally – For generations the Murphy family have farmed the land in Coolhull, Co. Wexford in the South East of Ireland. Our cows provide us with all the nutrient-rich grass-fed milk for our ice creams, cheesecakes, dairy and bakery desserts. Paganini today boasts a full dairy and bakery producing an extensive range of Irish desserts that work in a number of settings for foodservice to create bottom-line growth for your business. Innovation, quality and flexibility are core to our business. Our ever growing range includes ice cream, cheesecakes, cakes, gateaux, pastries, tray-bakes and individual desserts as well as specialised items such as protein enriched nutritional ice creams. We have recently introduced a new range of Coffee Accompaniments and Clean Eats. Perfect endings with Irish made desserts.

Awards & Accreditations

BRC Certification

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