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Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background


Product Range
Free Range Eggs , Colony Eggs

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The production, grading and marketing of eggs



Riverview Eggs and the Kelleher family are passionate about providing the best possible produce at all times.

Throughout the years, the company has developed a full range of products including free range, organic, omega enriched and commercial eggs at competitive prices, with all eggs produced to the very high EQAS and BRC standards.

Riverview Eggs provides employment in the local area for approximately 24 people, with a further 40 on production farms. Thanks to the business from the major retailers it is continuing with an ongoing major investment programme to increase flock size and provide the best quality housing and care for its birds.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Only source EQAS and BRC accredited eggs.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Reduce amount of waste to landfill, the amount of fuels consumption and the amount of water consumption used by the company.

Social Sustainability

  • Provide free produce and nutritional guidance to SVP, Cork Penny Dinners and Cork Simon Community.

Unique Selling Points

Riverview is the largest producer/packer outside of the poultry concentrated area of Monaghan. As a result, this gives Riverview a very strong lead in preventative disease control.

All production farms are family owned and operate as part of a family farm unit, which ensures the strictest controls and a more hands-on running of the farms.

The production of eggs is taken very personally by the producers, ensuring the best quality product at all times.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Shortlisted – Bord Bia Irish Food & Drink Awards
  • EQAS
  • BRC AA Grade

Riverview Eggs – Championing sustainability

Case Study

The Riverview story began in 1966, when husband-and-wife team Dan Joe and Margaret Kelleher started producing and selling eggs from their farm outside Cork city. Riverview is now run by D.J and Mary Kelleher.

Today, the company employs 20 people in Watergrasshill, Cork, and 40 more on farms across Ireland. Riverview supplies large retailers such as SuperValu, Centra, Dunnes Stores and Tesco, the Symbol group of retailers as well as many other wholesale and food groups, such as Pallas Foods etc.

Developing sustainability:

Leading role

Riverview played an integral part in the creation of Bord Bia’s Egg Quality Assurance Scheme in 2006, and all its eggs are approved under the scheme. All Riverview farms are audited monthly to ensure full compliance with health and safety standards. Riverview was the first egg packer in Ireland to achieve the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Food Standard – which is recognised as the foremost accreditation for quality control and safety in the food industry. Riverview continues to retain a Grade A status with BRC.

Animal welfare

In 2012, Riverview and its producers have invested almost €6 million in upgrading to an “enriched cage colony” system as per EU Welfare Legislation. Research into ventilation systems in poultry units has improved leading to saving energy and ensuring a better environment for the hens. In addition, a new coding and stock control system developed by Riverview and GS1 has been introduced to ensure 100% egg traceability.

Carbon footprint

The company has made investments to gain efficiencies in fuel consumption and in the packing process. For example, a new shrink-wrapping machine uses 50% less energy and 50% less plastic wrap film than the machine it replaced. New trucks were purchased in 2013, which were more fuel efficient.

In addition, poultry manure on the farms is now stored and dried to ensure best practices when applied to the land. This dried manure is in high demand by local farmers, as it reduces the levels of artificial fertilizer required on farms.

Social sustainability

Riverview has always been involved in community-based sports organisations such as the GAA and local rugby. Over the years, it has also helped charities such as St Vincent de Paul, Cork Penny Dinners and Cork Outreach (a drugs and alcohol rehab programme) by providing diet consultants, chef training and fitness advice etc.

What does Origin Green membership mean for Riverview?

Coming from a farming background and being rooted in the land, sustainability has always been at the core of the Kelleher family and in turn Riverview, but this was never formally documented, as, all along there was no scheme in which to report. Now through the Origin Green initiative we have formalized these activities to show our past track record and to demonstrate our commitment to the future” says D.J Kelleher, Managing Director.

This view makes Riverview a natural fit with Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme and its sustainability charter, which recognises the challenges businesses face in meeting environmental challenges while controlling costs.

Riverview is at all times committed to driving costs from our business, while at the same time ensuring our commitment to sustainabilitysays D.J Kelleher.

Under a five-year plan submitted as part of the Origin Green membership process, Riverview has set targets for energy use, waste, transport emissions, water, and social responsibility.

Under its Origin Green plan, Riverview commits to:

  • Continue to meet Bord Bia and EU regulations for quality
  • Improve standards with internal audit procedures
  • Achieve a level of 2 watts of energy used, per egg packed (versus 3 watts in 2012)
  • Investigate the potential of wind-powered electricity
  • Continue optimising orders and delivery routes to reduce fuel use
  • Reduce waste to 0.57 grammes per egg packed (versus 0.67 in 2012)
  • Continue to support charities and community organisations
  • Enhance water supply to the packing centre with a new well, a new UV filtration system and twice yearly water-quality testing

Mary Kelleher, Riverview’s Financial Controller, expects to make savings in operations by implementing the Origin Green sustainability plan. She says “Origin Green membership will help Riverview to build stronger relationships with our customers, our employees and the local community – all of which are central to our family business and Kelleher family values.

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