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Sustainability headlines

  • Sustainability criteria incorporated into raw materials purchasing policy 2014
  • A 10% overall reduction in energy usage on base line year by 2016
  • A reduction of 15% in water usage on base line year by 2016


Established in 2008, Rosderra Irish Meats Group builds on Ireland’s long and distinguished tradition in pork production by amalgamating several long-established processing companies into a single, more competitive and sustainable business. A highly integrated structure allows the company to focus intently on the ‘farm to fork’ philosophy, guaranteeing traceability from initial farm supplier through to final delivery to customers.

Who we are

Rosderra Irish Meats Group is Ireland’s largest pigmeat processing company with a 2013 turnover in excess of €300 million. The company has primary processing plants in Edenderry, Co. Offaly, and Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, with secondary processing facilities in counties Offaly, Leitrim, and Cavan. A major supplier to the retail and food-processing sector in Ireland, it also exports to the EU, USA, Asia, PRC-China, South Africa, Australia, and Custom Union or Russian Federation.

Animal welfare is an extremely important part of our company ethos and all animals are sourced from farms approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, and further certified under the Bord Bia Pork Quality Assurance Scheme. The company employs a full-time animal welfare officer and is actively involved with leading edge Irish Lean Manufacturing System Specialists together with the Danish Meat Research Institute in developing lean manufacturing processes.

Our sustainability credentials

Rosderra is fully committed to supporting and developing a sustainable supply base of raw materials, by investment in people and technology, and adapting a flexible and dedicated approach that works for our customers and markets. We have established a management structure that monitors our environmental progress, with a steering group meeting each quarter to review our overall sustainability performance. Our site sustainability plans are visible to all staff and are kept relevant to them by regular direct communication.

Achievements to date include attainment of IPPC licences for the primary processing plans and the use of heat recovery systems to cater for a significant portion of our overall hot water thermal load requirements. Water consumption will be reduced by 10% from the 2010 baseline year by investing in efficient wash-down technology and improvements to water sprinkler systems. A waste management system is in place to increase recycling and minimise landfill, and Rosderra is currently working towards implementing an energy management system that will deliver ISO 50001 accreditation.

What Origin Green means to us

Rosderra Irish Meats sees itself as an evolving and dynamic entity in the Irish pigmeat sector and our commitment to sustainability synchronises perfectly with the overall goals of Origin Green.

  • We understand the importance of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions through sustainable practices and this will work in tandem with the implementation of lean manufacturing systems.
  • We are focusing our sustainability strategy on environmental savings in energy, water, emissions, and waste. We are targeting a minimum 10% decrease in each of these areas by 2016 versus the 2010 baseline year. Energy has been chosen as our stretch target, as it is the one key target area that has the greatest potential to improve sustainability.
  • Our Energy reduction target will be achieved through heat recovery systems, the implementation of an electric motor management usage system, and management of space heating and further insulation.

What being a good neighbour means to us

Rosderra Irish Meats and our staff play active roles in the communities in which we operate. We sponsor a range of local charitable organisations and sports clubs, in addition to regional People of the Year awards. We also support internal social clubs that organise staff social weekends and annual Christmas parties for children. In terms of our Carbon emissions, our target is a 10% reduction by 2016, this we expect to achieve by reducing energy consumption per unit processed by 12%, and minimising organic loading on waste water treatment plant (WWTP) facilities. We will conduct a number of different feasibility studies to explore the potential of utilizing renewable energy as a means of reducing our carbon impact on the environment.

Finally, in terms of waste, we intend to maximise the recovery of recyclable material, we will also investigate options for recycling blood-soiled and recycled-only plastics. Rosderra Irish Meats Group is incorporating sustainability into its purchasing policy for raw materials from 2014 onwards. Through a structured approach that values experience and consultation, we will constantly work to improve our methods and our outcomes, with a belief that a collective approach yields outcomes for the betterment of all.

‘For Rosderra Irish Meats, our objective was to become a Verified Origin Green Member, we view this as being a starting point on our environmental sustainability journey. We have made a commitment to meeting our agreed targets by the agreed timeline, but this for us is an on- going journey. We plan to invest in technology, people & group initiatives whereby collective learning & research can be used for the betterment of all. We will take a structural approach & seek to improve our methods through experience & consultation’. Gary Nugent, Environmental Manager.

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