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Product Range
Breaded Chicken Fillet, Southern Fried Chicken Fillet, Garlic Chicken Kiev, Ham & Cheese Chicken Kiev, Sweet Chili Chicken Kiev, Farmhouse Stuffing Chicken Kiev, Chicken Goujons, Southern Fried Chicken Goujons, Salt 'n' Chilli Chicken Goujons, Breaded Chicken Chunks, Southern Fried Chicken Chunks, Battered Chicken Chunks, Breaded Chicken Burger, Chicken Schnitzel, Chicken Breast with Pizza Topping, Mexican Chicken Wrap, Tikka Chicken Wrap and BBQ Pulled Pork Wrap.

Specialists In
Gluten-free breaded chicken products.




Rosie & Jim was founded in 1997 by award-winning butcher Jimmy McLoughlin. He identified a market for ready-to-cook chicken products of better quality than what was available at that time.

Initially supplying restaurants and butcher shops around Dublin city, the reputation for the unique quality of this products soon spread and its customer base extended countrywide through a network of distributors.

The product range also grew with demand and Rosie & Jim now produces weight-portioned breaded products as required for the foodservice sector. It is committed to the constant ongoing improvement and innovation, developing gluten-free versions of its products which are now offered as standard at no extra cost.

Now celebrating 20 years of business, Rosie and Jimmy McLoughlin are looking forward to the next 20 years with great optimism.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

  • 100% of raw and cooked chicken sourced from EU Farms.
  • 100% cardboard packaging previously sourced from Turkey now provided by an Irish firm.
  • All suppliers appraised for sustainability/environmental performance certification.
  • Deliveries of rapeseed oil reduced from 6 deliveries per fortnight to 1 delivery per fortnight.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Reduce imports of sauce and flour tortillas.
  • Reduce energy usage from 2011 to 2018 by 30%.
  • Waste to landfill to be reduced by 6% by end 2018.
  • Ingredient and finished product wastage reduced by 5%.
  • Water consumption to be reduced by 36% by 2018.
  • Formal Environmental Management System to be developed by 2018.

Social Sustainability

  • Entire coat and fry range swapped over to gluten free recipes.
  • Reduce salt content of all coat and fry products by 10% by 2018
  • Tortilla mix depositing and pallet wrapping mechanised to prevent repetitive strain injury incidence in employees.
  • Community Initiatives – Increase funding to charity and sports clubs to €25k per annum by end of 2018.

Unique Selling Points

Produced in Ireland, Rosie & Jim is dedicated to quality, service and innovation.

BRC and Origin Green accredited, its products are made from EU grown chicken, from fresh (never frozen), whole breast of chicken.

Its products are gluten-free as standard.

Awards & Accreditations

  • BRC Grade A
  • Origin Green certified

Case Study

Sustainability headlines

  • Total energy consumption reduced from 571 kWh per unit output (tonnes) in 2011 to 471 kWh per unit output (tonnes) in 2013.
  • Net waste disposal costs fall from €9,008 in 2010 to €3,485 in 2013.
  • From 2016, an environmental management system will offer an integrated approach to managing and monitoring environmental performance.


Quality First Limited was formed in 1997 to supply value-added, ready to cook chicken products to the Irish retail and foodservice sector. In 2010, a change in the company’s ownership structure prompted a rebrand to ‘Rosie & Jim’ and the launch of a new business strategy focused on new product development (NPD), which has seen sales increase by 65%.

Who we are

Owned and managed by husband and wife team Jimmy and Rosie McLoughlin, Rosie & Jim employs 22 full-time staff at its offices and production facility at Muirfield Industrial Estate, Dublin. All products sold by the company are produced on site and branded as Rosie & Jim. Company turnover has grown significantly in recent years with key customers including regional, chilled and frozen foods distributors in the Republic and Northern Ireland, which, in turn, service butcher shops, independent supermarkets, farm shops, factory outlets and foodservice customers. A long-term commitment to NPD is also driving the company’s strategy to grow its presence in the UK market.

“Today’s busy lifestyle and a greater focus on nutrition are increasingly pushing demand for innovative products that offer the consumer a solution. Satisfying this growing demand is where our company’s future growth lies. Building sustainability measures into our development of new products and production processes is good for the environment, good for our business integrity, and also good for the bottom line”.

Our sustainability credentials

Rosie & Jim see its commitment to sustainability as an opportunity to achieve and promote its high professional and ethical standards. The company holds grade A BRC accreditation and in 2013 participated in the Enterprise Ireland LeanStart programme, aimed at reducing waste and introducing efficiencies on all levels, including raw material sourcing.

Taking 2011 as the base year for its target areas, Rosie & Jim’s sustainability objectives can also be seen as fitting within its five-year R&D programme, which runs between 2014 and 2019. This will involve intensive investment and capital expenditure on plant and machinery, including the design and construction of a 4,000 sq. ft. food production area adjoining the existing production facility. Achieving efficiencies through energy saving and heat recovery measures will be central to the company’s strategy for growth.

Combined improvements in energy efficiency over the last few years have seen total energy consumption reduce from 571 kWh per unit output (tonnes) in 2011 to 471 kWh per unit output (tonnes) in 2013. Meanwhile, a review of waste disposal methods and costs in 2011 led to dramatic improvements in net waste disposal costs, from €9,008 in 2010 to €3,485 in 2013. All the company’s outer case cardboard packaging, formerly produced outside the EU, is now sourced from a local cardboard manufacturer. An R&D investment in specialised cutting equipment has also significantly improved raw material usage.

Origin Green in action

As part of its commitment to Origin Green, Rosie & Jim will focus on actions in three key areas: raw material sourcing and the development of sustainability initiatives with suppliers; manufacturing processes and continued improvements in energy, waste and water consumption; and social sustainability, with a focus on health and nutrition, employee well-being and community initiatives.

“Having staff on board has been central to our participation in Origin Green and a great level of team spirit resulted from staff understanding our aims, the thinking behind changes we introduced, and playing their part when required to do so. The overall result has been very positive”.

The company aims to reduce water usage through both improvements in equipment and changes in work practices, while a continued focus on minimising packaging on raw materials will reduce environmental impact in multiple ways, with savings on waste disposal, storage space requirements and labour. Rosie & Jim’s ongoing determination to nurture a culture of awareness around the best possible utilisation of resources will support an overall increase in competitiveness.

By cultivating strong sustainability links, the company aims to enhance its status as an ethical and conscientious supplier among customers and suppliers.

Social responsibility

In addition to a core sustainability value of producing food with as little negative impact as possible on the environment, Rosie & Jim is also committed to contributing to the broader community. A commitment to provide a happy work environment where employees feel respected and valued led to the introduction of an appraisal-based bonus scheme that has proved hugely popular with staff.

 “Origin Green has been very compatible with the company’s overall ethos of respect for our staff and recognition and appreciation of the work they do – we can only be successful when we pull together as a committed team with everyone playing an important role”.

In 2012, a decision was made to select LauraLynn, Ireland’s only children’s hospice, as the company’s designated charity. The company also supports many other smaller charitable causes and also sponsors a local football club.

What we’re doing better

From 2016 onwards, the company will develop an informal environmental management system (EMS), which will offer an integrated approach to managing and monitoring environmental performance. This will be based substantially on actions, targets and commitments undertaken as part of participation in Origin Green.

Investment in R&D will see increased focused on health as the company aims for 25% of all products sold by 2019 to be gluten-free and fully clean label. A full range of gluten-free breaded chicken products, gluten-free flour tortillas, and gluten-free sauces will provide a strong and unique selling proposition to grow the business in both Ireland and the UK.

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