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Business Background


Product Range
Whole Cooked Crab (Cancer pagurus) , Crab Meat (Cancer pagurus) , Spider Crab (Maja squinado) , Lobster (Homarus gammarus) , Scallops (Pecten maximus) , Shrimp (Palaemon serratus), Velvet Crab (Necora puber), Prawns (Nephrops norvegicus)

Specialists In
Catching and supplying and range of shellfish. Shellfish Ireland's core product is Irish Brown Crab




Shellfish Ireland was established in 1987 by two young local fishermen, Richard Murphy and Peter O’Sullivan Greene. Friends for many years thanks to a keen interest in fishing, they combined their efforts to catch and supply Irish Brown Crab to local and European seafood buyers.

Now the biggest employer in the area, employing over 120 people, the company has expanded to a 20,000 sq.ft factory operating on a 24-hour basis. Its customer base now includes extensive retail markets in Ireland, UK and throughout Europe, plus many foodservice companies in Europe and Asia.

All crab is gently prepared in state-of-the-art ovens to ensure precision cooking in an efficient manner. Afterwards, the crab meat and crab toes are hand-processed to ensure the product stays in its most natural form.

Shellfish Ireland has access to some of the purest waters and freshest shellfish on the planet. The company has its own boats that fish out of the local harbour, landing daily, so it can process during the night to ensure the freshest product possible.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

  • Aim to increase from 3 boats participating in the initiative of boats who voluntarily return alive to sea any crab under 150mm, as opposed to the legal minimum size of 130mm.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Reduce the amount of diesel used to cooked crab per kg of product.

Social Sustainability

  • Encourage employees to avail of the cycle to work scheme.

Unique Selling Points

Shellfish Ireland has sustainable fishing at its core, with a fully integrated quality traceability system.

Ireland’s largest exporter of crab meat, the company also specialises in pot and creel caught shrimp and prawns.

In addition, the company has expanded to have sales offices in France, Spain and Asia.

Awards & Accreditations

  • BRC Accredited
  • EU Licensed Facility

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