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Business Background

Prepared Food

Product Range
Chilled Chef’s Cuisine Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding Dinner – 500g, Chilled Chef’s Cuisine Roast Turkey & Ham With Stuffing Dinner – 500g, Chilled Chef’s Cuisine Loin of Bacon & Cabbage Dinner – 500g, Chilled Chef’s Cuisine Roast Chicken & Stuffing Dinner – 500g, Chilled Chef’s Cuisine Roast Pork & Apple Sauce Dinner – 500g, Chilled Chef’s Cuisine Breast of Chicken Curry & Basmati Rice – 500g, Chilled Chef’s Cuisine Chilli Con Carne & Basmati Rice – 500g, Chilled Chef’s Cuisine Hand Made Beef Burger Dinner – 500g, Chilled Chef’s Cuisine Bangers & Mash Dinner – 500g, Chilled Chef’s Cuisine & The Perfect Plate All Day Breakfast – 400g & 500g, Chilled Swift Cuisine Daube of Beef – 450g, Chilled Swift Cuisine Premium Irish Stew – 450g, Frozen Soups: Pea & Ham, Vegetable, Mushroom, Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper – 2 x 3kg, Frozen Proteins in Sauce: Roast Beef Slices in Red Wine Gravy, Roast Pork in Apple Sauce – 2 x 2kg, Frozen Meal Solutions (Lasagne, Chilli con Carne, Beef Casserole – 2.5kg) and Frozen Accompaniments )Mashed Potato, Carrot / Turnip / Parsnip Mash, Egg Fried Rice, Ratatouille – 2.4kg).

Specialists In
Producing premium ready meals for the retail sector and convenient food solutions for the food-to-go sector.



Swift Fine Foods is located at Lough Egish Food Park, Castleblaney, in the resource-rich county of Monaghan.

The company began its journey in 2001, finding early success within the foodservice sector. Throughout its first 10 years, it developed and created convenient food solutions, including soups, vegetable mixes and accompaniments, Italian pasta dishes, Indian dishes and traditional carvery dinner components.

Its food chain was chilled and provided the hospitality and retail sectors, with the luxury of offering a wide selection of delicious lunch and dinner meals with minimal preparation requirements.

As Swift Fine Foods entered its second decade as a major food producer, its business was 80% foodservice and 20% retail, managed from start to finish by a small team of 20 employees.

Its team has now grown to almost 200 and its produce is being exported far beyond the shores of Lough Egish to all corners of Ireland and the UK, with preparations underway for ventures into mainland Europe.

Key Sustainability Commitments

The company’s 4 year Origin Green plan sets out a number of key sustainability objectives in relation to energy use, water use, raw material sourcing and social sustainability.

Raw Material Sourcing

As part of Swift Fine Foods’ Origin Green plan, they are developing a sustainable procurement policy. Initiatives within this policy will include the targeting of 100% post consumer recycled cardboard for all suppliers and the ongoing use of Bord Bia Quality Assured produce. Swift Fine Foods are also currently investigating the options for replacing their current plastic meal trays with a biodegradable tray.

Manufacturing Processes

In total, Swift Fine Foods are targeting a 15% reduction in energy use over the course of the next four years. The breakdown of their energy use is currently approximately 65% gas and 35% electricity and we will target a 20% reduction in electricity and 10% in gas to achieve an overall reduction of approximately 15%. In relation to water use, we are committed to achieving a 10% reduction in water use over the course of this plan through a combination of water saving measures and water harvesting initiatives.

Social Sustainability

Swift Fine Foods are proactive in supporting both local and national organisations and charity events. On a local level, the company supports both GAA and soccer teams through sponsorship of team kits and charity events. On a national level, the company contributes annually to Applegreen’s charity work through sponsoring various events including their annual charity ball. We also proactively support a number of food bank initiatives, supplying approximately 5000 ready meal donations in 2016. The company is committed to increasing their financial supports for various charities by 10% year on year for the 4 years of the Origin Green plan.

Unique Selling Points

Quality, convenience and value influence all aspects of Swift Fine Foods’ business. From sourcing ingredients to creating new products and hand preparing every meal that leaves the factory, the company strives to produce premium food.

Swift Fine Foods invests considerably to ensure that even though its products are convenient for the consumer, no short cut is taken on quality.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Great Taste Awards
  • BRC Grade AA

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