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Business Background

Prepared Food

“The Culinary Food Group is committed to the philosophy of Origin Green and its objectives. Utilising natural resources in a sustainable manner, protecting the environment through responsible management of our energy usage including production methodologies and waste management systems, embracing new technologies and working in partnership with all stakeholders to be a neighbour of choice, a supplier of choice, a producer of choice, to ensure our heritage, our legacy is the future for those who come after us, sustainable, clean and green”.

Pat Goff, The Culinary Food Group.

Case Study

Sustainability headlines

  • Simply Soups have reduced packaging by at least 50% and up to 83% through a new evaporator process.
  • Since 2009, energy consumed versus kilos produced has been reduced by 13%, with thermal usage down 16% and carbon emissions down 21%.
  • All waste from the factory floor now diverted from landfill.


The Culinary Food Group is part of the Queally Group, Ireland’s largest privately owned agri-food business, which has been to the fore of food manufacturing in Ireland and around the world for over 40 years.

Who we are

The Culinary Food Group consists of three specialist and distinct food businesses based in Naas, Co Kildare. Simply Soups makes natural stocks, for soup, sauces, ready meals and gravies. Pasta Concepts makes freshly frozen filled pasta, while QK Coldstores provides storage and logistics solutions.

The businesses are supported by the Culinary Innovation Centre, which helps the companies meet the ever-changing demands of customers and excel in their given areas.

Our sustainability credentials

As a group of companies, The Culinary Food Group sees working together, while recognising difference, as key to its strength. The Group is committed to supporting food producing communities while operating in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The Queally Group site in Naas, where the Culinary Food Group is based, was issued an IPPC licence in 2008 covering areas such as emissions, discharges, storage, water consumption and waste. The Culinary Food Group has also been awarded an Organic Trust Symbol Certificate, M&S Audit

Certificate and BRC Certificate. The company was an industry award finalist in the 2013 Sustainable Energy Awards, and again this year, the site has been shortlisted in the category of large energy user.

All raw material suppliers are approved by the major retailers and accredited to schemes such as the UK’s Red Tractor and British Quality Approved Pork, as well as Bord Bia’s Beef and Lamb Quality Assurance Scheme.

Since 2013, all waste from the factory floor has been diverted from landfill, with municipal waste recovered as ‘waste to energy’ and The Culinary Food Group is seeking ISO accreditation for its energy reduction activities from Q4 2014.

Origin Green in action

The Culinary Food Group is passionate about participation in Origin Green and, using 2009 as the baseline for its plans, has committed to rigorous and focused sustainability objectives.

  • These will be executed across three core pillars: social responsibility – involving community, staff, and health and nutrition; raw material sourcing – focused on animal welfare; and manufacturing processes – focused on reductions in waste, energy and water usage.
  • As part of an ongoing commitment to improve recycling rates, the Culinary Food Group is actively sourcing a facility to wash contaminated plastics, allowing them to be recycled.
  • Simply Soups has reduced packaging by at least 50% and up to 83% by using a new evaporator process that has also made outputs more economical to store and transport, thereby opening up new markets for the product range.
  • 100% of food ingredients from animals are sourced through suppliers audited by retailers for animal welfare compliance.
  • Since 2009, energy consumed versus kilos produced has been reduced by 13%, with thermal usage down by 16% and carbon emissions down by 21%.
  • By 2019, we will seek to reduce waste outputs by 10%, water consumption by 15% per kilo of finished product and we have set average targets of 3% for the reduction of overall kWh usage between 2014 and 2019.

Social responsibility

QK Coldstores sponsors the main roundabout on the Dublin Road, in support of Naas Tidy Towns, while the group is actively involved in sponsoring the local rugby club, and scout club, as well as worthy charities. For the last 12 years, the company has also participated in the Children’s Hour charity and, in 2013, developed an ‘Operation Transformation’ type personal wellness programme, which helped many participants reorient their lifestyles in healthier ways.

What we’re doing better

With huge steps taken over the last five years, the future is about maintaining momentum and capitalising on new opportunities as they emerge.

In terms of health and nutrition, all products are in line with the 2012 FSA guidelines on sodium and we are looking to remove artificial flavours, colours and preservatives by 2015. Furthermore, all hydrogenated fats will be removed by 2015.

Since 2009, the company has been actively investing in more community activities and, since 2012, has been improving its HR systems to better communicate with employees.

“The Origin Green charter Plan has aided The Culinary Food Group in reducing energy use; securing production efficiencies; exceeding targets; enhancing competitiveness; developing a transferable model and generating energy use awareness, knowledge and management capacity” Barry Brophy, Factory Manager. Simply Soups.

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