Walsh’s Bakehouse

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Business Background


Product Range
Waterford Blaas, Blaaguettes, Turnovers, White and Brown Rolls, Frozen Scone Pucks, Brown Multiseed Baps, Ciabattas, Sourdough Rolls, Light Rye Sourdough Rolls, Brioche, and Focaccia.

Specialists In
Producing white and wholemeal bread products.

Walsh’s Bakehouse is a family-run bakery located in the heart of Waterford City. Founded by their grandfather in 1921, the bakery has been run since 1985 by brothers Michael and Dermot Walsh, who are third-generation bakers in the Walsh family.

The company bakes a range of bread products for the retail and foodservice sectors in the Southeast, providing a variety of traditional bakery products, including blaas, turnovers and a range of morning goods.

The Waterford Blaa is the centre of its repertoire and is a product indigenous to the area. The Blaa received the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) in 2013 from the European Commission, which means that it can only be produced in Waterford and Southeast Kilkenny.

The company distributes frozen food for the national and export market.

Key Sustainability Commitments

It is the goal of Walsh’s Bakehouse to become a sustainable business and to work alongside their suppliers to achieve this. The company want to reduce the environmental impact of their business and save valuable resources. The company commits to provide a safe, healthy and equal workplace for its employees.

Raw Material Sourcing

  • The goal of Walsh’s Bakehouse is to ensure that all of their suppliers are involved in some sustainable program, whether they are self compliant and have developed their own sustainable strategies or may use companies that have specific systems in place for sustainability.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Walsh’s Bakehouse is committed to reducing their gas and electricity consumption. They achieve this by regular servicing of burners, installation of new thermostats and re-calibration of thermostats. Also, their energy contracts are reviewed on an annual basis.
  • Walsh’s Bakehouse’s water usage is something they can measure specifically. They know how much water they use in their raw material production. As production continues to rise, Walsh’s Bakehouse hope to maintain an average increase of 10% in water usage.
  • Walsh’s Bakehouse’s new target for 2017 is to cut down on their waste and to introduce only 100% recyclable packaging on raw materials and finished product.

Social Sustainability

  • Walsh’s Bakehouse encourages employees to avail of the government sponsored cycle to work scheme.
  • Walsh’s Bakehouse also encourage employees to participate in training programmes.
  • They work with charitable organisations to provide sponsorship/product for fundraising events.
  • They also work with the Taste Council of Ireland to deliver mentoring programmes to transition year students.
  • Walsh’s Bakehouse would like to reduce or eliminate fats and oils in 75% of their product range and reduce sugar content where possible.

Unique Selling Points

Walsh’s Bakehouse uses a traditional baking process handed down from generation to generation.

The Waterford Blaa is produced using only natural ingredients and is recognised as a unique regional food of Ireland, receiving the PGI designation in November 2013. Walsh’s Bakehouse is the only bakery that distributes frozen blaas nationally and for the export market through its distributors.

The company is constantly in the process of developing new products and techniques.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Taste Award – Euro-toques Ireland Food Awards 2008
  • Best Small Food Producer – Good Food Ireland 2010/2011
  • Blas Na hÉireann Awards – three in total 2012
  • Waterford Chamber of Commerce Food & Agri Sector Business of the Year 2014

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