Wexford Home Preserves

Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background


Product Range
Strawberry Jam, Raspberry Extra Jam, Blackcurrant Extra Jam, Rhubarb & Ginger Extra Jam, Gooseberry Extra Jam, Three Fruit Marmalade, Orange Marmalade, Grapefruit Marmalade, No Peel Three Fruit Marmalade, Blackberry & Apple Jam, Irish Farmhouse Chutney, Pure Wildflower Honey – made with EU honey, Wexford Sliced Beetroot, No Added Sugar Strawberry Jam, No Added Sugar Raspberry Jam, No Added Sugar Blackcurrant Jam, No Added Sugar Three Fruit Marmalade, Special Edition Wexford Blackcurrant & Rum Jam, Special Edition Orange & Ruby Marmalade, Special Edition Irish Poitín Marmalade, Special Edition Irish Whiskey Marmalade, Special Edition Raspberry & Bramley Apple Jam and Special Edition Strawberry & Vanilla Jam.

Specialists In
Hand making traditional preserves using locally grown fruit where possible. Its preserves are cooked in open saucepans and hand stirred, ensuring exceptional quality.



Wexford Home Preserves is a small, family-run company that produces sweet and savoury preserves such as jams, marmalades, chutneys, relishes and more.

The company has been in production since 1988 and makes all products using age-old recipes, plus 100% natural ingredients.

The small business is making responsible changes in its food production where possible. Being verified Origin Green means that it is part of Ireland’s promise to be a leading source of sustainably produced food and drink for generations to come.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Wexford Home Preserves anticipate that the proposed amendments to the company will improve their financial performance by the end of their plan.

The Sustainability Plan will also help to improve business relationships with customers.

Raw Material Sourcing

Wexford Home Preserves’s supplier approval procedure was used at all times during 2016 for all existing suppliers and new suppliers. This procedure allows the company to ensure that all of their ingredients and packaging are sourced from reliable sources. The new supplier questionnaire for both ingredients and packaging includes questions on sustainability, including asking if the supplier is certified to Origin Green or if they hold any other environmental certifications.
Two supplier audits were conducted in 2016 on two of our suppliers. A supplier audit checklist was drawn up and used during these audits to ensure all the relevant areas were captured during the audits.

Manufacturing Processes

Increase Amount of Product Produced Per Run: Wexford Home Preserves’s target for 2016 stood at 57388 kWh. They achieved this target with actual levels of usage at 43181 kWh, far surpassing their target. The introduction of their kettle process has helped with this reduction as we have increased amount of product per run. In addition, staff are much more aware of energy savings throughout Wexford Preserves and responsibilities have been defined for turning off of appliances, lights etc.

Social Sustainability

Wexford Home Preserves are members of the Wexford Food Family, and new members have joined since their last plan was submitted. Wexford Home Preserves continue to be a part of the organisation in order to promote Wexford food companies and to work with fellow local food businesses to contribute to the local economy by supporting Wexford jobs, families and businesses.

In December 2016 Wexford Home Preserves had their Christmas party with all staff, where they attended a local food business for their meal.

Staff members have attended many training courses since submitting their plan, attending manual handling, forklift competence training and manual handling training.

Wexford Home Preserves have employed a member of staff under the Wexford Mental Health Association and have introduced this person back into the workforce after a number of years out of work. Wexford Home Preserves have had many students who have undertaken their work experience with us over the past year, both at secondary and third level.

Unique Selling Points

All of Wexford Home Preserves products are handmade to traditional recipes using only 100% natural ingredients. The open pot boiling method employed simply involves boiling the jam in a large pot while stirring with a wooden spoon. It is a dying art form worth maintaining.

Wexford Home Preserves is a family-run business with almost 20 years experience in the trade. Its products are well established and have a large number of loyal customers.

It helps that the jam is being produced in Wexford, a county renowned for its superb fruit, enabling Wexford Preserves to source the best fresh fruit where possible.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Best in County – Blas na hÉireann, Great Taste Awards – 15 in total
  • BRC standard, audited annually by the HSE and multiples

Case Study

Wexford Home Preserves is a small family business, run by Tom and Laura Sinnott, making jams, marmalades and other delicious preserves for more than 25 years. The company produces all products using age-old recipes and 100% natural ingredients. All products are prepared and made using the traditional open pot boiling method. This method has seen them gain accolades such as the highly coveted, Christmas Gold Q award and the Christmas Q Category award for their Simply Better Ham Glaze.

The company’s main range is Wexford Home Preserves jams, marmalades and other preserves, however the company also has an “Ellen’s Choice” brand and supplies own brand products to over 300 retailers.

Developing sustainability

Throughout its 25 years, the company has progressed and expanded, whilst always keeping mindful of the need to grow in a responsible manner. In 2013, production began in a new larger facility and since then, significant changes have been made to improve energy efficiency.

The Origin Green charter has helped the company to set goals to further strengthen the sustainability of their supply chain, reduce their impact on the environment and to encourage the growth of their local community.

Company Sustainability Commitment Highlights:

  • To reduce overall energy usage by a third by end of 2018
  • To reduce overall waste by 35% by 2019
  • To source 100% of fruit from Irish growers by 2018

Social Sustainability

The company plays a large role in the local community supporting their local GAA club (Gaelic Athletic Association), the local pantomime society and purchasing local services such as marketing services and office supplies. They also support local charities, such as the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution). Wexford Preserves is part of a local network of food companies called ‘The Wexford Food Family’. This initiative supports local jobs, families and businesses and has proved hugely beneficial to the local area.

Educational experiences are provided by the company to Food Science students from UCD through work placements and French students interested in learning more about the Irish food industry, for one month each year. The company also gives tours to local schools to show the production process and mentors local enterprises through a programme called ‘the Future is Food’, once more showing their commitment to social sustainability and the local community.

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