Wild Atlantic Shellfish

Membership approved until 1st May 2018

Business Background


“Sustainability is at the very core of our business; our oysters depend on a plentiful supply of clean, nutrient-rich water to sustain healthy growth and a high quality product. Our commitment to lean production practices in harmony with nature and the community, prudent waste management, optimizing water and energy consumption, and using sustainable materials, leads to a profitable and sustainable operation. Acknowledgement of this commitment through Origin Green membership enables us to grow export business in an ever more demanding marketplace”

Frank Carter, Project Manager, Wild Atlantic Shellfish



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Sustainability headlines

  • Maintain current practice of sourcing 100% of seed supply from company’s own hatchery
  • All water for primary wash-down sourced by rainwater harvesting by 2019.
  • Amount of waste to landfill to fall by 25% over five years from a baseline year of 2015.


Wild Atlantic Shellfish Ltd. is an umbrella enterprise set up to develop market opportunities for its four member companies: Lissadell Shellfish Ltd., Atlantic Clams Ltd., Armada Shellfish Ltd., and Coney Island Shellfish Ltd.

Who we are

Wild Atlantic Shellfish Ltd. is a processing and marketing company established to develop and supply new markets for oysters grown by its shareholder companies. Lissadell Shellfish Ltd. operates its own hatchery, supplying seed stock to the other member companies, who in turn grow the seed on to maturity. The combined companies between them employ 16 part-time and nine full-time staff, and have a combined capacity per annum of two hundred tonnes.

The hatchery is totally self-sufficient in the production of algal feed. In addition to satisfying its own needs, it also supplies other hatcheries in Ireland with algal starter stocks.

Wild Atlantic Shellfish operates its own EU-approved depuration facility, with a capacity of four tonnes. This ensures that product can be supplied directly to the consumer market.

Our sustainability credentials

All company operations depend on a clean environment, and in recognition of this, Wild Atlantic Shellfish Ltd received ECOPACT certification in 2015. In support of environmentally sound business practices, the company is committed to:

  • Support and training of employees to fulfil the company’s environmental policy;
  • Continued improvement of environmental performance;
  • Reducing waste, conserving energy and exploring new opportunities for re-use and recycling;
  • Actively taking part in shore clean-up operations; and,
  • Actively promoting and improving the local area by engaging with relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies, as well as the local community.

Origin Green in action

From a baseline year of 2015, Wild Atlantic Shellfish Ltd has set out a number of targets in the areas of raw material sourcing, manufacturing, biodiversity and waste.

In the area of raw material sourcing, the company has an ongoing maintenance target of ensuring no foreign sourced seed will be used on member farms, with 100% of seed supply currently coming from the company’s own hatchery.

In manufacturing, it has set a stretch target of reducing its reliance on freshwater from wells in its Drumcliff Bay and Strandhill facilities. By December 2019, all water used for primary wash-down of facilities and premises will be sourced by rainwater harvesting.

The goals set around waste management include a commitment to establishing an onsite waste separation system and to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill by Coney Island Shellfish Ltd by 25% over five years. It will also ensure no empty shell material from oysters goes to landfill, with all empty shells being used for repairs to access routes.

A full risk assessment is being carried out on alien invasive species in December 2016 with the goal of protecting local biodiversity.

Social responsibility

Wild Atlantic Shellfish Ltd is committed to the continued support of the local community, expressed through participation in local food fairs and sponsorship of local clubs/events. It regularly facilitates student projects from institutions such as IT Sligo and hosted a meeting of an EU-funded hatchery research project, which involved UK, French and Spanish hatcheries some years ago. It supplies algal starter cultures to other hatcheries free of charge. Donations to organisations such as Focus Ireland, Trócaire, the Irish Red Cross and the Simon Community reflect its commitment to a wide variety of worthy causes. As part of its participation in Origin Green, the company commits to promoting environmental awareness among staff, and to foster a culture in which all employees contribute to the implementation of Origin Green.

What we’re doing better

Wild Atlantic Shellfish Ltd has reduced its energy consumption by maximising solar energy use with a polycarbonate green house and by changing its production cycle to avoid winter operations. Meanwhile, its water pasteurising system uses a titanium plate heat exchanger to recover heat, and water recirculation efficiencies have been improved to reduce sea water requirements.

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