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Origin Green - Pathways to Food Waste Prevention Webinar

Wednesday 15th Mar 2023 11:00 - 12:00
Registration Closed
Event is free of charge.

Origin Green - Pathways to Food Waste Prevention Webinar

Food Waste is a global problem, with approximately one third of all food produced ending as waste, which is equivalent to 1.3 billion tonnes per year. This food waste is a drain on natural resources throughout the world, as the growing, processing, and transportation of food consumes a huge number of resources, such as land, water, energy, and fertiliser. It is estimated that wasted food has consumed approximately one quarter of all water used by agriculture and generates approximately 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, reducing food waste is an effective climate action for both producers and consumers.

In the first half of 2021, Bord Bia conducted global sustainability insight research to better understand global sustainability demands around food and drink amongst international customers and consumers. The research found that food waste for food and drink companies, retailers, and foodservice operators, is becoming a top priority because it is a top consumer priority. Almost 9 in 10 buyers said that it is important for the business to tackle food waste/loss and this spikes for foodservice and retail operators.

Addressing the food waste challenge is a key priority for Origin Green manufacturing members under their waste target. Within their waste target, they will identify if food waste occurs in their operations, and if so will seek to integrate company-wide actions to increase food waste prevention across their operations. For the retail and foodservice charter, food waste is a mandatory target for all members.

To further support Origin Green member companies in developing credible and ambitious food waste targets within their Origin Green plans, Origin Green will be hosting a webinar to release a new food waste target guidance document. This document provides guidance for Origin Green members to enhance their existing food waste prevention actions as well as providing clarity on food waste target setting using the SMART target setting principle.

On the webinar, webinar attendees will also hear from Jeni Meade, Communications and Sustainability Manager at Meade Farm Group to learn about how Meade Farm Group has become a zero-food waste facility by creating a new product, potato starch, that valorises their potato waste. To detail additional food waste supports available to companies, Origin Green will be joined by Odile Le Bolloch, EPA’s Food Waste Prevention Team Lead, to learn more about EPA’s recently launched Food Waste Protocol, and Carla McSorley, FoodClouds’s Head of Irish Partnerships, will share their food waste prevention supports available to Origin Green members.

Agenda and Speaker Details: 

  • Introduction:  Deirdre Ryan, Origin Green Director
  • Overview of Origin Green Food Waste Guidance: Martin Hofler, Sustainability Partnership & Development Manager
  • Origin Green Member Experience – Meade Farm Group: Jeni Meade, Communications and Sustainability Manager at Meade Farm Group 
  • EPA – Food Waste Protocol: Odile Le Bolloch, Food Waste Prevention Team Lead at the EPA
  • FoodCloud Industry Supports – Carla McSorley, Head of Irish Partnerships at FoodCloud