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Tirlán, Baileys and UCC Collaborate for a Sustainable Farming Future

Sustainable Farming Diploma Is Underway

Date: 07/11/2022

Adult Continuing Education (ACE) at UCC has formed an exciting new partnership with Tirlán (Formally known as Glanbia Ireland) and Baileys Irish Cream to help farm families' positive environmental action through the creation of Ireland's first Sustainable Farming Academy. ACE at UCC will deliver the existing Diploma in Environment, Sustainability, and Climate to 20 participants each year through this academy. Efforts are also being made to cut emissions in the upstream supply chain, while supporting dairy workers’ livelihoods at the same time. Earlier this year, the brand launched a ‘sustainable farming academy’ in partnership with Tirlán and University College Cork. The academy will provide 20 farmers each year with a fully funded and accredited diploma in sustainability, environment and climate.

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