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Riverview Eggs Giving Back

Date: 08/03/2021

The Power of the Egg and Believing in People

Since 2014, Origin Green Member, Riverview Eggs has provided Cork Simon Community with donations of eggs 52 weeks of the year.

In 2020 alone this commitment represented a value of €4,250 while fulfilling the need for eggs (19,404 eggs) across all of Cork Simon’s services for men and women who are homeless in Cork.

The development of Riverviews’ Origin Green Charter, and their commitment to Social Sustainability, made Riverview a very easy fit with Cork Simon Community, in our pursuit of being able to give back, and in doing so improve the health and wellbeing of the service users, of Cork Simon Community.

Together with its supporters, Cork Simon Community sets out to develop relationships, over the longer term, based on shared values, and mutual goals. This approach ensures that Cork Simon works with trusted partners in the community, that are committed to playing a meaningful role, in working to end homelessness in Cork.

Riverview Eggs is a great example of an organisation with which Cork Simon enjoys such a partnership sharing common values of humanity, community, and sustainability. These values inform our partnership and how we work together. Through this relationship Cork Simon and Riverview Eggs can support men and women who are homeless in our community in ways that neither organisation can do apart.

Dj Kelleher, Managing Director of Riverview Eggs.

Recently D.J Kelleher, Managing Director of Riverview Eggs collaborated with Cork Simon to mark it 50-year celebrations. This was an opportunity to tell the story of what Riverview Eggs and Cork Simon achieve together. D.J provides great insight into what underpins Riverview Eggs commitment, and what makes a great partnership……. good foundations for another 50 years https://www.corksimon.ie/dj

For further information on the work of Cork Simon Community or partnership opportunities please contact Kerry MacMahon on 087 73 75198 or by email to Kerry.macmahon@corksimon.ie