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Producing Eco-Conscious Potatoes and Crisps 13 August 2018

Today, we feature Tom Keogh, Founder and Director at Keogh’s, a successful potato-growing and crisp business based in north Dublin.
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The War on Single-Use Plastics

08 August 2018

The topic of plastic waste has come to the forefront of the minds of both businesses and consumers. An estimated 50% of all...

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New Origin Green Verified Members

13 July 2018

Join us in welcoming Mella's Fudge, Glenhaven Quality Foods, Carleton Cakes, Collar of Gold, IGWT Poultry Services, and Harvest Moon Foods.

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Tackling Food Waste

24 May 2018

Today, one third of the food produced globally is wasted, a sobering statistic, with one billion people hungry...

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Aligning with UNSDGs

18 April 2018

Origin Green and its members align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals...

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New project rewards farming with nature in east Cork

10 May 2018

A new project in the Bride Valley in east Cork will reward participating farmers for wildlife on their farms.

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