Aligning with UNSDGs

18 April 2018

 Extract from Irishfood Magazine.  

 As businesses worldwide begin to align themselves with the objectives of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), so do the members of Origin Green, Ireland’s national sustainability programme for the agri-food and drink industry. As such, Origin Green member companies offer an advantage to businesses seeking sustainability improvements along their supply chain.

In 2015, the 193 member states of the United Nations (UN) agreed 17 SDGs, which target a range of environmental, social and developmental issues. While commitment came at national level, there is broad agreement that delivering on these goals will require buy-in from businesses.

With 17 overarching goals and 169 targets outlined within these, where should businesses start? Recognising the intricate nature of the SDGs, PwC developed a diagnostic tool (the SDG Business Navigator) to help businesses identify the areas in which it can have the most impact. Kavita Shial, sustainability and climate change consultant at PwC says that ‘It also gives a sense of where a particular government will likely be driving its SDG framework and policy. So, a company will be aware of where the focus is going to be over the next few years and can get ahead of its competitors.’ This is important for buyers and can be used to make a positive impact when partnering and investing in their supply chain.

Over the next five years, governments will have made progress on their policy framework in relation to the SDGs and will begin issuing fines for non-performance. Now is the time for businesses to get ahead of policy. It is also important for companies to communicate their progress as the results of the PwC SDG Reporting Challenge survey showed that 74% of citizens surveyed said that they are more likely to use the goods/services of organisations that are engaging with the SDGs.

Origin Green is uniquely placed to play a pivotal role in helping the Irish food and drink industry deliver meaningful contributions to the advancement of the SDGs and their associated targets. Origin Green has incorporated the SDGs in its objectives; using them as a guide in the ongoing development of the programme.

Read the full article, ‘Aligning with the UN SDGs’ to learn more about how significant gains can be made through collaborative efforts in Irishfood Magazine Issue 2 (page 38).