‘FoodCloud Represents A Local Solution To A Global Problem’

05 December 2018

FoodCloud works with Origin Green members to provide them with a solution for surplus food


What is FoodCloud and what do you do?

FoodCloud is a social enterprise that matches businesses with surplus food to charities that can use it in communities across the UK and Ireland.

We do this in two ways:

How does FoodCloud work with Origin Green?

As an Origin Green Partner, FoodCloud works with its members to provide them with a solution for surplus food, helping them reduce their impact on the environment and also to support the communities in which they operate. We help members to track progress towards achieving their sustainability goals.

What impact has FoodCloud made with Origin Green members?

FoodCloud Hubs has partnered with Origin Green members from across the food supply chain to make it as easy as possible to donate larger volumes of surplus food and distribute in manageable quantities to charities.

At a retail level, FoodCloud works with Origin Green members AldiLidlMusgrave Group and Tesco to ensure that the surplus that arises in stores is donated to local charities. We also work with members such as KepakEast Coast BakehouseGleniskLakeland Dairies  and many more.

This year, we also collaborated with both a retail and food manufacturing Origin Green member — Meade Potato Company and Lidl Ireland – on an innovative project to manually ‘glean’ carrots and potatoes that were left in the field following the harvest. We hope to expand this project to more growers into the future.

The food donated through Origin Green members has had a significant impact on charities across Ireland and on the people they are supporting in our communities.

What does the future hold?

Businesses across the world are throwing out perfectly good food every day, while charities in their communities are struggling to feed those in need. This is a global problem, with 30% of food produced going to waste, which utilises scarce natural resources and contributes to climate change. It equates to 1.3 billion tonnes of wasted food.

We have enough food going to waste feed the world’s hungry four times over. At the same time, 825 million people around the world do not have enough to eat. One in seven people are experiencing food poverty. The UN stated that if global food waste was reduced by just 25% we would have enough food to feed all of those who are malnourished. FoodCloud represents a local solution to a global problem.

Our aim is for Ireland to become a leader in developing solutions for surplus food redistribution from an ever-growing network of sources. We are delighted to be in a position to offer an end-to-end solution to surplus from the food industry.

If you are interested in donating surplus through FoodCloud, please contact

John Pakenham, Business Development Manager