Nutmost, a range of activated nuts, was created by Andrew Wynne with the vision of bringing a better snacking experience to consumers, so they can have easy access to healthier, nutritionally optimised and tastier snacking options. Their mission is to produce the most delicious and nutritious snacks using only the finest ingredients, while being considerate of the environment around them and in which they process and manufacture.

Activated nuts are nuts in their raw form that are put through a process of soaking and drying. This process removes both the bitter tasting inhibitors and the phytic acid which coat the nuts for protection in the wild. This coating reduces the absorption of nutrients for humans and makes the nuts difficult to digest. The soaking and drying process preserves the nutrients in the nuts while giving them a better taste and crunchy exterior.

Andrew has incorporated sustainability into his business from the outset. As a verified member of Origin Green, through the programme and its Sustainability Charter, Nutmost have identified several targets to enhance their interaction with their physical environment. These targets focus on sourcing from sustainable suppliers, maximising resource efficiencies and working with local schools to provide beneficial work experience placements for students. Nutmost aims to produce in the most sustainable manner possible, supporting the local and national community. This includes moving towards a recyclable pack for its product, installing and utilising a water meter to increase efficiency, baselining waste in 2016 and adopting waste reducing initiatives.

For Andrew, becoming an Origin Green member and setting these targets at the start of his company’s journey ensures that sustainability is part of Nutmost’s DNA.

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