Origin Green at the UN Global Climate Summit

For the first time in five years, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon invited world leaders from government, finance, business, and civil society to Climate Summit 2014 on the 23rd of September, to galvanise climate action. The aim of this summit was to provide an opportunity for world leaders to champion an ambitious vision and bring bold announcements and actions that will reduce emissions.

Origin Green and Ireland’s sustainability approach received special mentions at this summit. 

National Action and Ambition AnnouncementIn the presence of 120 world leaders, An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny told the summit that Ireland will play its role as part of the EU contribution to the global  effort. Emphasising the fact that Ireland is a world leader in  carbon efficient agriculture and food production, An Taoiseach recognised the work of Origin Green.

 “We will continue our efforts, for example through our Origin Green  Programme, to drive carbon efficiency and shape the international approach to sustainable agriculture and food production.”

In his address at the same summit, CEO of McDonald’s, Don Thompson mentioned his visit to Ireland where he experienced first hand the work being done on sustainability.

”Just last year, I had an opportunity which was phenomenal. I had the opportunity to experience firsthand the great work that we’re doing in Ireland on sustainability and the industry-leading approach that Ireland has taken to agriculture.”

Origin Green was also featured by Bord Bia in the United Nations Association NGO’s Global Development Goals Publication, which was distributed at various events in the run up to and around the UN General Assembly’s one day Global Climate Summit. The same publication is also being mailed to heads of governments, development ministers, UN agencies, multilateral development agencies, heads of the Fortune Global 500 and members of the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance.



Images via UN Photo Library

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