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“As a family business we are determined to leave a positive and lasting legacy for future generations. At Musgrave, we are focused on growing good business through long-term partnerships that achieve sustainable, profitable returns, enrich everyday lives and contribute to a healthier, more prosperous and environmentally-conscious society. Throughout our history, Musgrave has maintained a strong commitment to sustainability by running our business in a way that considers social, environmental and economic well-being. In essence, we see sustainability as being about looking after people, the planet and prosperity. As we celebrate our 140th anniversary and embark on the next chapter in our history we have an ambitious agenda to grow the business, an agenda which will continue to see sustainable business practices at its core.”

Chris Martin, CEO of Musgrave Group

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Case Study

Sustainability at Musgrave           

 Over our long history, Musgrave has maintained a strong commitment to sustainability. We have led the way through our early support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and are proud to be the first food retail and wholesale group in Ireland to become a verified member of the Origin Green sustainability programme. Sustainability for us is about running our business in a way that considers people, planet and prosperity. Our participation in Origin Green brings valuable credibility to our sustainability activities, providing us with an opportunity to stretch our ambitions and to continuously challenge and improve our sustainability performance

As a trusted brand we recognise we have a unique role in the everyday lives of people across Ireland. We feed 1 in 3 people on the island of Ireland and through our network of retailers we have a presence in every city, town and village throughout the country. This scale and breadth gives us the opportunity and the responsibility to make a positive contribution to people’s lives every day.

At Musgrave our sustainability activities align under four focus areas.

These are:

  1. Inspiring healthier living
  2. Building vibrant communities
  3. Driving sustainable sourcing
  4. Leading environmental practices

The Continuing Journey

 Participation in Origin Green is an exciting opportunity for Musgrave to have our comprehensive sustainability programme independently assessed and verified by SGS on behalf of Bord Bia and to provide us with an ongoing opportunity to continuously challenge and improve our sustainability performance. We look forward to working together with Origin Green as we progress on the road to sustainability.


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