‘What can the world learn from Origin Green’s approach to Sustainable Food Production’

In a recent blog post Jürgen Vögele, Senior Director at The World Bank gave particular endorsement to Origin Green and Ireland’s approach to sustainable food production.

‘Ireland stands out as one example of the transformative power of agricultural development. By working to make their food system truly sustainable, a country once known for its great famine is now recognized for sustainable, climate sensitive agriculture and food production. This is due in large part to Origin Green, a national program that mobilized Ireland’s farmers and food producers to commit to sustainability throughout the supply chain, from farm to plate.’

‘Origin Green enables participants to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets in several key areas, including cutting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing water consumption. To date, ¾ of Ireland’s food exports are covered by this sustainability compact. By 2016, 100% of the country’s food exports are expected to be on board. Besides being good for sustainability and minimizing negative environmental impact, Origin Green has also helped to grow the country’s agricultural sector.’

Mr Vögele continued to discuss the four key learning that should be taken from Origin Green. To see the blog in full click here 

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