Accreditation and Verification

From the outset, independent verification and accreditation have been an integral element of Origin Green across all levels of the programme.


Farm Level

Farms and primary producers are members of Origin Green through Bord Bia’s Sustainability and Quality Assurance Schemes. Each farm is audited by an independent auditor every 18 months and is assessed for compliance against the criteria outlined within the respective standards being audited against.

The Sustainability and Quality Assurance standards are voluntary and cover primary products including, beef, lamb, poultry, dairy, eggs, and horticulture. Similar schemes are also available for processors, packers and retail butchers of primary products. These schemes are examined and approved by independent experts before they can be included under Bord Bia’s ISO17065 international accreditation.

Farmers who fail to adhere to the core requirements within Bord Bia’s Sustainability & Quality Assurance Schemes can have certification removed if suitable mitigation procedures have not been introduced. For non-critical non-conformances, a closeout model is in place where farmers have one month following the audit to close outstanding issues.

Please visit the Bord Bia website for more information on Bord Bia’s Sustainability & Quality Assurance Schemes.


Manufacturing / Retail & Foodservice Level

At this level,  the sustainability plans created by food and drink manufacturers, retailers, and foodservice operators are independently verified and assessed by Mabbett, a leading inspection, testing, verification and certification body.

Each member must also submit a progress report annually outlining the performance against the targets established within their respective sustainability plans. This annual review is also audited by Mabbett to ensure progress is being achieved against targets set. This is carried out through a mixture of both on-site and desktop based audits.

Food and drink manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operators can be removed from the Origin Green programme for:

  • Failing to submit a progress report annually
  • Failing to use reasonable endeavours to adhere to the commitments set out in the company’s Origin Green Sustainability Plan
  • Breaching legislative compliance which is a core requirement of the Origin Green charter

For further information, please visit our page on the Origin Green Charter