Origin Green Charters

At the core of the Origin Green is the Origin Green Sustainability Charter. Before becoming a member of Origin Green, a manufacturer, retailer or foodservice operator must sign up to their relevant charter:

The Origin Green Charter is not part of the membership process for farmers. The process for farmers is underpinned by independent farm audits and Bord Bia's Sustainable Assurance Schemes and Quality Assurance Schemes.

The Charter guides the development of a three-to-five year plan committing to sustainability improvements. All Origin Green sustainability plans are independently verified by Mabbett, a third-party agency, and monitored on an annual basis through progress reporting which is also independently verified.

What is the Purpose of the Charter?

The overall purpose of the Charter is to promote best practice in the design, implementation and reporting of environmental and other sustainability practices in the Irish food and drink industry. It is also designed to promote shared learning within the industry as to what constitutes good performance.

The Charter is designed to demonstrate the sustainability credentials of individual Irish food and drink manufacturers.


Manufacturer's Charter

As part of the commitment to this charter, food and drink manufacturers must agree to implement clear objectives across three key areas:

 Origin Green Retail Charter


Retail and Foodservice Charter

As part of the commitment to this charter, retail and foodservice operators must agree to clear objectives across four key areas:

*A food waste target is mandatory for all companies participating at this level of the programme.