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The Q Café Company

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 October 2023



About the company

Over twenty years in business, The Q Café Company Ltd was established by CEO Breda Quigley. Her vision was to bring delicious food made with care and passion for local ingredients. A keen interest in good food and food experiences led her to incorporate the best products and emerging trends into everyday catering. Market fresh food every single day!

As an Irish company, The Q café Company has always sought to support local Irish businesses and farmers. Since mobilising our Sustainability Programme in 2018, we have diverted over 1.5 million single use plastics away from landfill and were the first Foodservice Company in Ireland to introduce an own branded compostable cup. Working together we can transform how people engage with food, waste, plastics, composting and recycling. Creating a greener, brighter future for all.

Key Sustainability Commitments

At The Q cafe Company our key sustainability activities are

· Reducing Food Waste

· Eliminating single use plastics

· Providing on site grow areas for use in our food production to increase biodiversity

· Promotion of Health and Nutrition