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Meade Farm wins three gold Irish Quality Food Awards

Date: 13/12/2021

The Irish Quality Food & Drink Award winners were announced on 23 November in a virtual ceremony. Meade Farm won three Gold Awards for its Meade Farm Fresh Skinny Chips, Fresh Chunky Chips and Potato Starch, as well as a Silver Award for its White Potatoes. The Family run company also received Foodservice Product of the Year for its Potato Starch.

Meade Potato explained how its Potato Starch offers Irish customers ‘the opportunity to use an Irish-made, gluten-free thickening, binding and baking agent for the first time.’ Its Potato Starch is more efficient than corn starch when used as a thickener and it gives fried fods a light, crispy texture and baked goods a light, fluffy texture.

Sustainability is key element behind new product development at Meade Farm, utilising its potato crops as fully as possible. The company’s sustainability action plan involves setting realistic, proactive policies that will increase its efficiency and best position the company to look forward to a health future.

Find out more about Meade Farm sustainability commitments click here.